“Letting go” is an important aspect of healing work, and a vital step in using the Law of Attraction (my favorite Spiritual Law), to your benefit.

Sometimes we have it backwards. We think we need to wait for the “new opportunity” to arrive before we release the old one.

We don’t let go until we have the next thing lined up. We want to find the right new house before we are willing to sell the old one. We look for a new job while we still work at the one we dislike, many times people even try to find new relationships before they end the one that isn’t working…

People do this for many many reasons….security, fear, comfort, money…

But we have it backwards!

The Universe is waiting for you to do just the opposite! It’s waiting for you to shift the energy that is keeping you where you don’t want to be, and that shift usually involves LETTING GO.

Many spiritual teachers and popular books explain The LAW of ATTRACTION, but I find there is one aspect of this law that most people overlook, and it’s the gem that propels the whole process along.

The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like.

In this article, I am going to share with you how to engage the Law of Attraction by applying a very important step in the manifestation process; LETTING GO.

If you are stuck, miserable in a job or circumstance you dislike, and are trying to attract something new to no avail, one of the reasons that it’s hard is because we are energetically connected to the feelings (and patterns) that we say we want to grow away from.

Step one to attracting something NEW is to first DEFINE the energetic properties of the old thing that is no longer in alignment with what we say we want. We have to be willing define it, acknowledge it and LET it GO. 

Many people MISS this step….letting go can be hard! The inability to easily let go can be deeply rooted in old childhood patterns. It can be uncomfortable, anxiety producing, and can create insecurity when we are already being pushed to grow and expand beyond our comfort zone.

Yet, to fully engage the Law of Attraction you not only have to get super clear on what you want, but you also have to spend time consciously LETTING GO. Finally, you need to also BE CLEAR about what you are letting go of. The more we define it, the more we can be sure we will not attract what we DON’T want AGAIN!

Reasons people don’t let go:

  • they are just not ready
  • they are stuck in fear
  • they are conditioned to think letting go is sad
  • have unhealthy attachments or codependent behaviors
  • fear the future
  • fear being alone
  • lack trust in the Universe or God to provide and guide the way
  • etc…

The following journaling prompts are designed to help you with the process of letting go so that you can show the Universe that you are READY for what’s next and that you are actively engaging in STEPS to move you forward. Taking those steps shows the Universe that you TRUST it and that you are energetically ALIGNED with your future. To do this, t’s helpful to spend some time FIRST thinking about our current circumstance, the one we want to let go of. Define the characteristics of it, think about why we may have attracted that particular circumstance, and journal about LETTING GO of it. Are we really ready to let it go?

This is how we show the Universe what we really want, that we are serious about getting it and that we are ready for it.

Then, with a little time and patience (or sometimes immediately) the Universe shows up and “rewards” us for our commitment, hard work and efforts. The Universe always rewards you when a lesson is learned, when we trust in our path or when we are doing the work that the Universe so desperately needs us to do.

Answer these questions in your journal to help you MANIFEST what you want.


To Manifest: 

  • What do I want to attract in my life? (Define it, really get clear about it, journal about it, create a vision board for it)
  • How is my current circumstance different from the one I want to attract?
  • Why do I think I attracted this current circumstance?
  • What are the qualities or characteristics of this current circumstance?
  • What other similar circumstances have I attracted just like this one in the past?
  • What pattern or thought process or belief do I think is contributing to attracting these circumstances?
  • What lessons have I learned from being in this situation?


To Let Go:

  • What circumstance am I ready let go of?
  • What do I need to LET go of to make room for my new desires?
  • What, if anything, is keeping me connected to this situation that I say I don’t want?
  • How can I easily let go, learn my lesson and move forward?
  • Have I really created a CLEAR VISION for what I want next? (Read this article on how to make a Vision Board HERE)
  • What am I truly ready to release?
  • What am I NOT ready to let go of that needs further attention and reflection?
  • What am I holding on to?
  • Why do I think I am unable to let go?

The Universe is cheering for you to let go and move forward!


The Universe is your strongest ally and friend. Learning to engage it will help you to manifest! The Universe is cheering for you, calling you and wants you to obtain exactly what you want! It wants to bestow onto you all the gifts that are already yours, it’s just waiting for you to claim them!

I hope these guided journaling prompts help to ignite the inner work of letting go of what is no longer serving you and bring you closer to your heart’s desires and the abundance to follow!



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