Sometimes we have it backwards. We think we need to wait for the “new opportunity” to arrive before we release the old one.

We don’t let go until we have the next thing lined up. We want to find the right new house before we are willing to sell the old one. We look for a new job while we still work at the one we dislike, many times people even try to find new relationships before they end the one that isn’t working…

People do this for many many reasons….security, fear, comfort, money…

But we have it backwards!

The Universe is waiting for you to do just the opposite! It’s waiting for you to shift the energy that is keeping you where you don’t want to be, and that shift usually involves LETTING GO. This is the FIRST step in getting our heart’s desires!

If things are going the way you dream of and you are not attaining the results you long for, it may be time to try a different approach. In order for the Universe to be able to give us the rewards that it wants us to have, we have to engage the Universal + Spiritual Laws of the Universe. These laws are still new to many of us, but one I am sure you have heard of is the Law of Attraction. Many spiritual teachers and popular books explain it. But I find there is one piece to this law that most people don’t explain, and its the gem to help propel the whole process along.

The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like.

In this article, I am going to share with you how to engage the Law of Attraction by applying a very important, yet undiscussed step in the process; LETTING GO.

If you are stuck, miserable in a job or circumstance you dislike, and trying to attract something new to no avail, the reason it’s hard is because we are energetically connected to the feelings (and pattern) that we say we want to grow away from.

Step one to attracting something NEW is to first LET GO of the old thing that is no longer in alignment with what we say we want. We have to be willing to LET GO. 

Many people MISS this step….letting go can be hard, it isn’t easy, it is anxiety producing, and can create insecurity when we already are being pushed to grow and expand.

Reasons people don’t let go: They are just not ready, are stuck in the fear, are conditioned to thing letting go is sad, have unhealthy attachments or codependent behaviors, attach meaning to things, and the list goes on. The following journaling prompts are designed to help you to let go so that you can show the Universe that your ready using ACTION STEPS that are rooted in TRUST and are ALIGNED with your purpose. This is how we show the Universe what we really want, that we are serious about getting it and that we are ready for it.

Then, with a little time and patience (or sometimes immediately) the Universe shows up and “pays” us for our commitment and efforts. The Universe always rewards you when a lesson is learned, when we trust in our path or when we are doing the work that the Universe so desperately needs us to do.

Answer these questions in your journal.

  • What do I want to attract?
  • What are the feelings and qualities of the new situation that I desire?
  • What are the feeling and qualities of the situation I am currently in?
  • Can I see the differences between the two?
  • What do I need to LET go of?
  • What feelings, patterns, behaviors and qualities are no longer serving me?
  • What lessons have I learned from this situation? List them…
  • Is there any thing else that I need to learn before I am ready to let go of this situation?
  • What is keeping me connected to this situation that I say I don’t want?
  • How can I easily let go and move forward?


  • Have I created a clear vision for what I want next? (Read this article on how to make a Vision Board HERE)
  • Have I spent time journaling about the exact qualities that I want to attract?
  • What action steps am I engaging in each day to ignite the feeling that I say I want more of?
  • So I meditate on those feelings and allow myself to feel them right now?
  • What do I need to do to let go of the circumstances or people that I am ready to release?

The Universe is cheering for you!

It is your strongest ally and friend. It needs you and wants you to recognize your special gifts and learn how to use them in this world so that it can bestow onto you all the gifts that are already yours such as peace, abundance, clarity, and happiness.I hope that this article and my journaling prompts help you to let go of what is no longer serving you and bring you closer to your heart’s desires and the abundance to follow!


Love Laura,

Your Spiritual Life Coach

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