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All of my Journals and Sets are one of a kind… 

If you love to journal, or are just getting started, finding the right style journal that you like to use is important. Choose one that inspires you, is beautiful, is the right size for your needs, and use your intuition to choose it.

I prefer spirals, so many of the journals I design are spiral bound. A spiral bound journal makes it easy to write on both sides of both pages.

Enjoy and I hope you find one that you like!


My latest Journaling Collection


Over the last year, I have been working on a collection of one of a kind journals. I decided to pull the same trims and one of kind design techniques that I have long been using on my accessory collection and apply those design elements to journals. Each one come with a case for strage and safe keeping and some come with pencil cases or bags. Enjoy! xo

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Your INTUITION is one of your greatest assets on earth. It is always available to you, waiting for you to listen and connect with it. I have created a journaling tool to help you assess where you are at with invaluable relationship.

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“I loved attending Laura’s Vision Board Workshop, It was so cool to see what my board looked like after two hours of letting myself be creative and find inspiring photos.”


“Following Laura’s journaling prompts helped me to figure out why I was emotionally eating all the time.”


“Journaling really helps you to have breakthroughs when you are stuck.”


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Journaling Gift Sets

My latest venture is  designing journaling sets and kits. Journaling kits are easy to carry journaling cases that come with everything you need to start vision journaling. Beautiful fabric cases, matching journals, craft paper, affirmations, and more…Browse my latest creations below…

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