is my favorite healing companion tool that I use in all of my coaching work
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I believe that self-care is the foundation for the quality of your life, health and even your business. Journaling is one of my favorite forms of self-care and is an important part of my own daily self-care ritual.

I use different styles of journaling such as guided journaling, journaling prompts, vision journaling and creating vision boards.  These tools help me to make decisions, heal and shift behaviors, find clarity, gain inspiration, have breakthroughs, disentangle from default energetic patterns, and connect with my inner guidance system

Journaling is a tool to help you have a direct line of communication with your intuition and hearts true desires.


feed your SOUL + GROW your business.


a powerful spiritual tool
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Guided Journaling

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Guided Journaling prompts are a powerful way to gain clarity and direction for any personal or business situation you are seeking guidance on. I create guided journaling prompts to help you feed your soul and grow your business.

Vision Journaling

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Vision Journaling is a method of combining both journaling with vision boarding. Its slightly more private and allows you to use both writing, and imagery to create a potent tool to help you clarify and connect with goals, dreams and plans.

Make a Vision Board


Vision Boards are an essential creative and spiritual tool to help people clarify, attract and manifest their desires.

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Guided Journaling: Clarify Your Priorities

A Priority “a thing that is regarded as more important than another.” If you find yourself feeling frustrated about not having enough time in the day to do what YOU want to do...then this quick journaling exercise may help you to rethink the things that are consuming...

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My favorite spiritual tool is journaling…

Jouranling is my favorite healing companion tool that I use in all of my coaching work. It is also my "go to" spiritual and self-care tool that I use in my personal life. My love of journaling has been lifelong and the benefits are countless. Journaling is a fast and...

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Journaling Gift Sets

My latest venture is  designing journaling sets and kits. Journaling kits are easy to carry journaling cases that come with everything you need to start vision journaling. Beautiful fabric cases, matching journals, craft paper, affirmations, and more…Browse my latest creations below…

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“I loved attending Laura’s Vision Board Workshop, It was so cool to see what my board looked like after two hours of letting myself be creative and find inspiring photos.”


“Following Laura’s journaling prompts helped me to figure out why I was emotionally eating all the time.”


“Journaling really helps you to have breakthroughs when you are stuck.”


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