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Hi I'm Laura

I spent the first half of my career as a Creative Director in New York City.  A  health issue called SVT, helped me realize that listening to my heart,  self-care and self nourishment were the foundation of meeting my true potential, creating a thriving small business and finding one of my missions in life. Today, I  help other creative entrepreneurs feed their SOUL + GROW their business. I look forward to sharing my creative direction and practical tools with you.


If you are a fellow creative entrepreneur who would like to work with both a Creative Director and a Business Coach to help you GROW your business, streamline your brand deepen your niche, upgrade your website, raise your prices, and align your business vision with your personal goals, I would love to learn about your business!

My Journaling Tools

There are certain creative + spiritual TOOLS that have helped me with my both my personal and business challenges. Journaling, Vision Boards, learning how to create and use a business VISION binder and affirmation work are just a few of the integral practices that help to  feed your SOUL + GROW your business. Learn more about how to use them in your own life.

Business Makeover

Who doesn’t LOVE a good makeover? As a Creative Director, I can help you see, create and hold a higher vision for your business and dreams. Let’s get on a meet and greet call to discuss your business vision and how we can streamline your goals and help your dreams come to life!

You are your business….

every small business owner needs ONE thing that will change everything…the way you work, how much money you make, the ease of decision making, the clients you attract, and the peace and fulfillment you feel from your life and your work…your Intuition

My first FREE tool for you will help connect you with your greatest asset on earth…

can you hear it?

Journaling with your Intuition 

All of the wisdom and instruction that you need, to journey though life, is within you. Your INTUITION is one of your greatest assets on earth, and is always available to you, waiting for you to listen and connect with it. I have created a journaling exercise to help you assess where you are at with invaluable relationship! Free download when you sign up for my emails.

More ways to help you feed your SOUL + GROW your business…

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