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Hi I’m Laura!

I share Creative + Spiritual Tools to help you feed your SOUL + GROW your business.

Start with my FREE journaling gift, “Journaling with your Intuition.” This e-guide will  help you re-connect with your Intuition, your most powerful creative + spiritual asset that you have in this lifetime!

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get my FREE gift... "Journaling with your Intuition"

Your Intuition

is one of your greatest assets on earth.

It is always available to you, waiting for you…to listen and connect with it.  I created a FREE Journaling download to help you unblock your intuition and deepen your relationship with it.

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Farm Charm Couture 

NYC girl falls in love with a farmer and so the story goes…After living + working in New York City for over 15 years, I developed a heart chakra condition called SVT that needed my attention. My healing journey brought me back to New Jersey, where I met and fell in love with Andrew…my farmer.  Two children and a healing journey later, I re-connected with my creativity and love of handmade design.

Farm Charm Couture, is my latest design venture, where I combine my passion for hunting for vintage treasures mixed with my love of couture handwork.  Browse my one of a kind statement pieces, HERE

xo Laura


Intuitive Life Design 

My healing journey included a lot of JOURNALING…I have always enjoyed journaling and find it to be such an empowering self-healing tool. Through the years, I also found journaling to be an incredible intuitive, clarity tool that helps me harness my creativity, and build my business vision.  It also helps you to clear old patterns, heal wounds from the past, and align with the law of attraction. 

I love sharing ways to use JOURNALING to help you heal + grow and have created a line of journals + vision board kits to help other creative entreprunuers utilize this powerful tool. Browse my Journals + Vision Board Kits HERE

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