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I am a mom to 2 young boys, a Designer from NYC who fell in LOVE with a farmer and an entrepreneur who works for the Universe! Browse around to learn about my tools to help you feed your SOUL + GROW your business!

I share fashion, lifestyle, food, healing and business tips to help creative woman streamline their life. I also share how I healed my health condition called SVT naturally.

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Laura Madrigano


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Self-care is the foundation for the quality of your life, health and even your business.  JOURNALING is my favorite form of self-care & is an important part of my daily self-care ritual.

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Your INTUITION is one of your greatest assets on earth. It is always available to you, waiting for you to listen and connect with it. I have created a journaling tool to help you assess where you are at with invaluable relationship.

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Letting Go: An Important Step in Applying the Law of Attraction

 "Letting go" is an aspect of healing work, and an important step in using the Law of Attraction (one of my favorite Spiritual Laws), to our benefit. Sometimes we have it backwards. We think we need to wait for the "new opportunity" to arrive before we release the old...

What are Guided Journaling Downloads?

What are Guided Journaling Downloads? Do you wish you could hire a Life or Business Coach to guide you through a specific challenge but can't afford one....and want the next best thing? My love of journaling and my extensive practice creating healing questions for...

Entrepreneurs Need a Special Kind of Nourishment

Nourishment for Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs need a special type of nourishment. The days of overworking, putting yourself and your needs last, and not making enough money to live the life you dream of are just not congruent with what the Universe wants for you. This...

How to Use Journaling to Ignite your Business

How to Use Journaling to IGNITE your Business E-guide Journaling is a powerful manifesting, spiritual tool that is free and can be used for so many important purposes. In this e-guide I teach you how to use journaling to ignite your business. There are guided...

If you are a fellow creative entrepreneur who would like to work with both a Creative Director and a Business Consultant to help you GROW your business, streamline your brand, deepen your niche, upgrade your website, raise your prices, and align your business vision with your personal goals, I would love to learn about your business!

My Journaling Tools

There are certain creative + spiritual TOOLS that help with both personal and business challenges. Journaling, creating Vision Boards, using business VISION binders and Affirmation journaling are just a few of the integral practices that help you  feed your SOUL + GROW your business. Learn more about my favorite tools…

Intuitive Coaching Sessions

As a Board Certified Spiritual Coach, I use INTUITION in conjunction with Creative Direction to guide my clients. I offer Intuitive Coaching Sessions for people where we draw on intuitive tools and Universal Laws to solve problems and design your next best steps. These sessions are held via skype, zoom or in person if local.

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