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Hi I'm Laura

I spent the first half of my career as a Creative Director in New York City.  A  health issue called SVT, helped me realize that listening to my heart,  self-care and self nourishment were the foundation of meeting my true potential and finding one of my missions in life. Today, I  help other people feed their SOUL + GROW their business using powerful spiritual and creative tools. I look forward to sharing my methods with you.


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My Blog

My Heal SVT Naturally Pinterest Page

We all have health challenges and SVT, Supra-ventricular Tachycardia is mine... Today I wanted to share with you my Heal SVT naturally Pinterest page for those of you that may have SVT, like me! Heal SVT Naturally Resource When it comes to helping yourself with SVT,...

My SVT Prevention Kitchen: Gluten Free French Toast Bake

From my SVT Prevention Kitchen I love finding ways to make traditional dishes a bit healthier. This gluten free french toast bake is an easy sweet treat for Sunday brunch. Serve with a side of green juice to decrease guilt;) As you know, I need to be gluten free as a...

How to make a Vision Board

When we feel confused, stuck and unsure, uninspired, unclear or even burnt out, one of the greatest tools we have to help ourselves find clarity and motivation, is to create a VISION BOARD. A Vision Board is a clarity and manifesting tool that helps you in many ways....

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