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Creative Direction

Creative Direction is the ability to easily see a vision, and the end result of something with potential. As a Creative Director at Fashion manufacturing companies in NYC for over 20 years, my “eye” is trained to see what others miss, and I’ve learned that it’s one of my gifts and talents that I bring to the world. I’m very grateful for it, and I love to share it and help other creatives with my inspiration. Plus, I LOVE a makeover! I can help you see, create and hold a higher vision for your business and dreams.

I can’t wait to help you design or re-design your vision! xo

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What I do…

Brand Review

The first I do when I learn about you and your business, is do a complete study of your website, Instagram, copy, email marketing and anything else you want me to look at. I absorb and review your positioning, core brand values, and messaging. Then we analyze and see if it matches your business vision. I work to help you align the two, and of course, elevate them both!

Streamline your Business

I help creatives re-brand, re-design, upgrade, elevate, re-think, re-price, and restructure their businesses. No matter what we discover, we will give it the makeover it needs in order to streamline your business in every way, both visually, and operationally.

Signature Style

A signature style is part of brand building and is the icing on the cake of your building your business vision. Since you are your business, we will spend some time reviewing and creating a signature style once again aligning both you and your business in a way that is authentic, fresh and matches your inner vision and beauty!

What I do

As a Designer, Creative Director & Spiritual Life + Business Coach, I bring a unique blend of experience and expertise to my clients.

Let’s talk and I can tell you more about what I do and start learning about your business and changes you want to make!

I offer creative entrepreneurs a 20 minute FREE skype video call. I will do a quick review of  your websites, instagram and messaging prior so I will be ready to start the discussion with your work in mind.  Use the link below to schedule your call, anytime, from anywhere in the world!

brands and creative entrepreneurs that I have worked with…

Help for Abused Mothers

coming soon

coming soon.

Mom n Tot Nutrition

coming soon 

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