What are Guided Journaling Downloads?

Guided Journaling Downloads (2)Do you wish you could hire a Life or Business Coach to guide you through a specific challenge but can’t afford one….and want the next best thing?

My love of journaling and my extensive practice creating healing questions for clients over the last 7 years in my private coaching practice has lead me to create topical guided journaling downloads that anyone can use to help guide them through challenging situations.

( I also have many FREE journaling prompts on my blog in the Journaling category)

Guided Journaling E-guides…

are visually beautiful and rhythmically written prompts that will help generate self-awareness, revelations and self-healing around common themes that many of us suffer with. Themes like how to connect more with your intuition, making an important business decision, deciding on a relationship or a move, or overcoming money blocks and creating more abundance in your life are all themes I address in my guided journaling e-guides.

Journaling is my favorite healing companion tool that I have long been using in all of my coaching work and in my personal life for clarity, release and insight.

Journaling in general is a great form of self-care and can become a self-honoring practice that you learn to lean on anytime you need advice or feel stuck in any area of your life. My guided journaling e-guides are meant to gently prompt you to easily connect with your own intuition which is where all of your answers reside.

CStart with my FREE e-guide called Journaling with your Intuition get it HERE 

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