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I absolutely LOVE and am obsessed with helping creative entrepreneurs grow their business. I think my love of business started when I was a little girl and would go to my Fathers car lot on Saturdays and play “office”.

Knowing that I would be my own business owner and work for myself was never even a second thought.

I started my own manufacturing business in the heart of the garment center when I was only 26 years old. I ran a 3000 square foot facility and designed, manufactured and shipped my collection all over the world.

I know first hand about all the intricacies involved with running a business and being a business owner. I know the personal demands, the impact it can have on your self-care and the stress of it all. I know about being a one woman operation and the growing pains of hiring people and running a 15 person team.

My specialty is helping people FINETUNE + STREAMLINE their website, email marketing, messaging, graphics, and personal style to reflect their VISION.  Spiritual Laws + self-care help make that process fun and easy!

YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS. My business coaching helps you integrate your personal life, self-care, values, vision, and goals while supporting your deep need for self-care, creativity and self-expression

Are you on the cusp, ready to cross a threshold? I would LOVE to help you! xo

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