Self-care Pow Wow

Self-care pow-wow

A morning gathering to ignite transformation

When: Friday morning Dec 9th, 2016, 10-1130 am

Where: Fanwood Wellness Group
 A pow wow is a social gathering that was held in Native American communities to honor their culture. The word was derived from the word pow-waw, which means “Spiritual Leader”.
“You are your own Spiritual Leader” 
I created this pow-wow as a time for spiritual leaders to come together to nurture and honor their self-care, as their guiding tool to lead, elevate communities, and share their purpose. If you are a creative, spiritual mom or small business owner, honoring your self-care, connecting to your intuition, and staying inspired to practice it, are integral parts of your inner and outer wellness.
Self-care is the foundation for transformation. Self-care is the greatest way to hear your Intuition. Self-care is our number one asset to increase our abundance, grow, rejuvenate, be present and be filled with joy, love and gratitude, the highest frequencies that exist.
Join like minded women, on the same journey to elevate their self-care in every way. Discuss our challenges, gain inspiration and motivation, release blocks, and leave feeling refreshed.
Meditations, guided journaling, affirmations, angel cards, and more. xo
$10.00 in advance, $12.00 at the door. RSVP required. Thank you!

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Featured Class: Disentangle from your Default energetic patterns

HEALING is the core work of moving forward, creating lasting change and designing the life you dream of. If you are stuck, and keep repeating the same behaviors, you are probably dont even realize that you are living a default energetic pattern. These patterns may may not even be your own. We inherit them from our parents, home environment and they can unconsciously control our lives. You will be so relieved to know that you can let these go so easily using my process of defining them, and understanding how they are effecting you.

Join me for this online healing series delivered via videos, guided journaling, and workbooks. Also included is a one on-one coaching session with me to help you uproot these un-necessary and time consuming energies out of your life.

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I believe that your “HEALING” work is the most important work that you can commit to in this lifetime. It opens you up to your potential in life and ability to practice SELF-Nourishment

Old wounds from the past effect every aspect of our lives. It can be effecting you energetically, financially, through dis-ease, repetitive patterns, sadness, and inability to reach your goals. As a Spiritual Life + Business Coach,

I help people use the spiritual tools that are available to us all to help you heal and align with what you truly desire. If you are ready to see how sacred wounds, listening to your heart, and defining your default energetic patterns can help serve you and your business, I would love to be your guide.