Inside My Design Studio…

I spent the first half of my career as a Fashion Designer

in New York City…  

Some of you know me from my years as a Creative Director in NYC where I ran my fashion manufacturing company called Laura Madrigano Inc.  I designed suits, dresses and accessories and sold them worldwide. Well…NYC girl falls in love with a farmer and so the story goes….

Two beautiful children later, along with a career as a Spiritual Life + Business Coach and I still design in my sleep.

Your true skill-set never goes away!

It became impossible for me to ignore my desire to create. That combined with my endless love of anything vintage has resulted in my latest design endeavor, my one of a kind collection of up-cycled vintage and heirloom pieces called

Farm Charm Couture. 

Enjoy browsing around INSIDE my DESIGN Studio and click on the links to SHOP the collection below…

xo enjoy!

Farm Charm Couture is a one of a kind vintage inspired collection of statemnt accessories + clothing. Shop it on etsy using the link above…

Intuitive Life Design

Intuitive Life Design is my collection of Journals, Vision Board Kits and Self-care tools to support + nourish  the Creative entrepreneur within. .

Creative Consulting


I help other Designers + Creatives create new Vision, Passion, annd clarity in thier business. If you need a business makeover, learn more about my creative consulting services using the link above. 

From my Design Blog…

Memory Box

Memory Box

I just love a memory box or keepsake box. They are another way to store your precious memories, thoughts, cards, affirmations, or memories besides a journal. This one, from my own design studio, is available now on my ETSY SHOP HERE Kraft Box with new and vintage...

Farm Charm Couture

Farm Charm Couture

Farm Charm Couture is my one of a kind collection of charming fashion statement pieces that are timeless, and meant to be passed down to your daughter and then her daughter. This collection is an evolution of my classic feminine style mixed with my love and passion...

Pearl Collar Top

Pearl Collar Top

Lace collar tops are the epitome of feminine girly fashion. This delicate blush pink top has a double layer collar The under layer is lace... The top layer is also lace more tightly woven topped with sequins and hand sewn pearls in shades of blush pink. the body...

Rustic Wedding Tote Basket

Rustic Wedding Tote Basket

Rustic Chic Wedding Tote, Outdoor wedding vibe, garden weddings, beach weddings... When I get married, Im bringing this...   Rhinestone Applique Patch at Center Front can be used as a wedding photography prop   Shop This Rustic Wedding Tote Basket on my Etsy...

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