Self Care

Feed your SOUL…GROW your business


is the foundation

for the quality of your life 



Without Self-care…I don’t know where I would be…


Whether it’s journaling, resting, listening to guided meditation, reading, walking, stretching, taking spiritual classes, or doing yoga, I require a tremendous amount of self-care to function.



Self-care is also an absolutely essential part of managing my personal health condition, SVT using a natural integrative approach.


I share journaling tips, SVT coaching and many more ways to uplevel your self care!  


xo Laura




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Journaling is my favorite healing companion tool that I use in all of my personal growth and healing work. Your Intuition, and connecting back to your inner self for divine wisdom is a direct line of communication to your highest, wisest self.

 Journaling with your Intuition”, is my new e-guide, (and FREE gift to you)! 

Your intuition is always available to you, waiting for you…to listen and connect with it.  I created a FREE Journaling download to help you unblock your intuition and deepen your relationship with it.

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Sef-care classes coming soon

My Journaling Tools

There are certain creative + spiritual TOOLS that help with both personal and business challenges. Journaling, creating Vision Boards, using business VISION binders and Affirmation journaling are just a few of the integral practices that help you  feed your SOUL + GROW your business. Learn more about my favorite tools…

Intuitive Coaching Sessions

As a Board Certified Spiritual Coach, I use INTUITION in conjunction with Creative Direction to guide my clients. I offer Intuitive Coaching Sessions for people where we draw on intuitive tools and Universal Laws to solve problems and design your next best steps. These sessions are held via zoom or in person if local.

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Creative + Spiritual Ways to live your life and Grow your Business with Creative Director Laura Madrigano.

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A Comprehensive Approach to Healing SVT…

A Comprehensive Approach to Healing SVT…

Many of you know me from my website called "Heal SVT Naturally" where I talk about how to manage the health condition Supra-ventricular Tachycardia naturally using an integrative approach. That website, will always be available for anyone who has SVT. You can browse it HERE. I use many healing...

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New Course Coming Soon

7 days of simple ways to connect more deeply to your inner knowing. 

This 7 day course is an easy, inspirational course delivered to you daily via email. Each day you will be inspired to practice mini exercises to help you connect more deeply to your intuition by layering in specific listening practices, exercises and journaling.

My Collections…

NYC girl falls in love with a farmer and so the story goes….After living and working in NYC for over 25 years I developed health issue called SVT that needed my attention. My healing journey brought me to NJ, where I met and fell in love with my farmer. Two children and a healing journey later, I reconnected with my creativity and love of handmade design.

Farm Charm Couture is my latest design venture where I combine my passion for hunting for vintage treasures mixed with my love of couture handwork. Browse my one of a kind statement pieces on my etsy shop HERE.

xo Laura

Intuitive Life Design

Learn about my spiritual and creative tools that I cannot live without to feed my soul and grow my business. Every entrepreneur needs inspiration, clarity, focus, organization, and to have a clear mission, purpose, and vision. My tools will help you with all of these elements of success.

My healing journey included a lot of JOURNALING…I have always enjoyed journaling and find it to be such an empowering self-healing tool. Through the years, I also found journaling to be an incredible intuitive, clarity tool that helps me harness my creativity, and build my business vision.  It also helps you to clear old patterns, heal wounds from the past, and align with the law of attraction. 

I love sharing ways to use JOURNALING to help you heal + grow and have created a line of journals + vision board kits to help other creative entreprunuers utilize this powerful tool. Browse my Journals + Vision Board Kits HERE

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