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There are several ways we can work together.

-you can book 1 intuitive coaching session with me. $150.00 60 min via skype or zoom from anywhere in the world.

-you can book a 20 min consult if you are interested in my 3 month Creative Direction Coaching or Small Business Coaching

-You can book a 20 min consult to learn more about my 3 monthSVT Coaching

-you can book a one time Heal SVT naturally coaching session

Laura Madrigano

Designer, Creative Director, Coach

Intuitive Sessions with Laura

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Intuitive Sessions with Laura can be booked anytime and can cover any topic, health, relationships, business direction, etc. These sessions generally last 60 min and are held on skype or zoom video. They cost 150.00 US dollars. Use my on line booking to schedule or email me for a different time if the one you want is not available. In this session I use rune rocks, angel cards, self-care cards, life purpose cards or any other tools we feel called to draw upon.

20 Min Free Consult

Set up an Appointment

Creative Direction + Small Business Coaching. I offer 20 minute Free Consults to get to know each other and discuss the 3 month coaching engagements. I offer Creative Direction, Small Business Coaching, Brand Evaluations, …

20 Min Free Consult

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Heal SVT Naturally…


My Services

Small Business Coaching

Business Coaching can help you cross any threshold…

Creative Direction

If you are a fellow creative entrepreneur who would like to work with both a Creative Director and a Business Consultant to help you GROW your business, streamline your brand, deepen your niche, upgrade your website, raise your prices, and align your business vision with your personal goals, I would love to learn about your business!

SVT Coaching

Supra ventricular tachycardia is Laura’s personal health issue. She chose to use DIET + Lifestyle to manage her condition and now teaches people with SVT from around the world to do the same. For information on SVT Coaching…

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