Laura Madrigano

Hi! I’m Laura!

Im a mom to two young boys, a designer, a spiritual life and business coach, and an SVT coach. I help people design the life and business they want, while managing self-care as their top priority!

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I design creative & spiritual tools to help people feed their SOUL and GROW their business!

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Soul Journaling!

Journaling is such a powerful tool. If you are not  yet using it to access your potential, I want to help you LOVE it as much as I do!  I created a FREE e-guide for you called Soul Journaling. It is an interactive guided journaling tool to help you connect with your greatest asset that you have here on earth…


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Some other tools to help you…


Your connection to your heart and your intuition is the foundation for your relationship with yourself and the Universe. Strengthen it with this creative and fun 7 day journaling course delivered right to your inbox!


I LOVE to write guided journaling prompts to help you heal and breakthrough any challenge. Learn about my guided journaling prompts below.

1:1 Sessions

If you want to work with me as your guide, learn more about my coaching sessions below!



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