I help people use Universal Laws that are available to us all, to feed your SOUL and GROW your business

Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality? Tired of waiting, wanting, and wondering…

I coach, support and empower you with tools to launch you into your future. If you feel stuck, we will get to the root of it. If you feel burnout and depleted, we will connect you with your intuition and nourishment needs. If you want to earn more money, we will create clear, goals that are aligned with your heart, and insured by spiritual laws for success.

Together we will create your plan and your vision to help you nourish your soul and grow your business.

Through private coaching, online courses, and guided journaling downloads,

Here are the ways we can work together below…

Your needs and self-care are equal partners with your health and business dreams. One doesn’t function without the other. Do you tend to neglect your self-care needs? Do you push yourself and suffer from depletion, exhaustion and disconnect? I help people embrace self-care and make lasting lifestyle changes to achieve a life of wholeness, health and career success.

Universal Laws are free and available to us all. I help people apply them to their business, and integrate them into every aspect of  life. It’s time to match your reality to the Vision you have for yourself. Universal Laws and Tools help you do this and at an accelerated pace!

For a long time, I wasn’t listening to my heart. An accelerated heart issue called SVT helped me pay attention to my heart messages and incorporate spirituality more fully into my life. Today I help thousands of people embrace and learn from their heart messages and heal accelerated heart symptoms SVT naturally.

Are you ready to go from STUCK to EMPOWERED and finally achieve the things you dream about? 

From Stuck….

Do you feel stuck, dis-empowered,  and like your life that you are living does not match the dream that you have for yourself? Do you feel held back, overwhelmed, and unclear about your best next steps in life and in business? Do you feel sooo close yet so far?  If you are not careful do you tend to self-neglect, overwork and teeter on depletion?

Are on the CUSP of Success and wish you had someone who understood you to help you cross the threshold? 

To Empowered…

You, your business, your health, are ONE and I have a way to help the WHOLE you. I help people move from stuck to empowered with templates and steps that are nourishing and Inspiring. My strategies align you with Universal Spiritual laws that you already are familiar with.I help people APPLY these tools to gain accelerated results and make noticeable progress in your life.

I cannot wait to help you meet your potential…The Universe needs you and the important gifts that have been bestowed onto you.



The Universe is Cheering 

I was working as a Fashion Designer in NYC when my heart started talking to me in a way I could no longer ignore. A health condition called SVcircle deeea (2)T (supra ventricular tachycardia) helped to listen to my heart and change the direction of my life.  Your HEART has a message for you….

I transformed my life by finally listening to my heart, healing things that continuously stopped me, and trusted the Universe and how it was guiding me. Today, I support other people to make those same changes and layer in the “Spiritual Laws, Tools and Self-care”, that worked for me.

As we HEAL, we become ready to “Work for the Universe”. This is how we align with ULTIMATE flow, success, and abundance and live our divine path. 


Are you ready to open up to what is REALLY possible and meet your potential?  

The Universe is waiting for you! 

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LOVE from Clients

If you know that you’re meant to be doing something more purposeful and fulfilling with your life, but not sure what it is yet or how to get there, Laura is the perfect person to help. Her natural coaching ability to identify what’s holding you back, and her gift of lovingly pushing you forward is apparent during every meeting. Laura is a true motivator and can help steer you to fulfilling your true purpose in a spiritually connected way.


Words can barely express the depth of insight and wisdom I have experienced as a result of working with Laura Madrigano as my life coach. She is a very gifted and inspiring person. Working with Laura has been life-changing. Beginning at a stressful point in my life journey, Laura helped me proceed beyond my expectations!


I first came to see Laura because I wanted to be a writer, but I was blocked. Writing seems like a simple dream, right? All one has to do is put pen to paper. Well, for me, it ran much deeper than that. I couldn’t even look at the word ‘writer’ without having a panic attack. Laura has amazing intuition, and I didn’t have to say much before she was able to start gently unraveling the overwhelming fear which surrounded my true passion. I believe that Laura has a gift. And, it was with her guidance, that I was finally able to step into the role that had been waiting for me all along. After only a few sessions, I had published an article online and created a personal blog. Having this newfound courage to share my writing with others has changed my life in many wonderful ways. Since meeting Laura and getting real results, I’ve been recommending her services to everyone I know.


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