Ever wish that you could just ask your older wiser a question and receive the perfect “right” answer?

well…All of the wisdom and guidance you need to journey through this lifetime is already within you.

CONNECTING back to this inner wisdom, will help you in so many ways and yet many of us feel very disconnected from our inner voice and seek advice and direction outside of ourselves.

Journaling and specifically using a style of journaling called LETTER WRITING to yourself, is a powerful way to answer burning questions, comfort yourself, and build trust with your higher, wiser self!

Writing LETTERS to Yourself  is a powerful way re-connect to this part of yourself and gain insight, clarity and direction into any area of lifer

In my latest guided journaling download, Letter Writing to Yourself, (coming soon), I guide you through the process of writing letters to yourself at different stages of life…

  • Imagine if as a child, YOU were able to show up for yourself, in your adult form, to help yourself. What would you say to yourself? How would you guide and comfort yourself?
  • Imagine if any block you felt right now, you could easily guide yourself through with precision…
  • Imagine if you could have a conversation with your older wiser self RIGHT NOW!

Letter writing to yourself holds incredible healing power, opens the doorway to forgiveness and compassion that will leave you feeling peaceful, and empowered.

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Thank you for reading!

Love xo Laura

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