Disentangle from your Default Energetic Patterns

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 What is a default energetic pattern? 

A default energetic pattern is a coaching term I created to define the energetic patterns that people are unconsciously operating in.

Default Energetic patterns are energetic behavioral patterns that we play out over and over again in our lives that create our experiences… for better or for worse…

Energetic patterns are our thoughts and energy that drive our responses and behaviors and is the energetic output that the Universe uses to attract back our experiences to us.

The Problem

If you are constantly experiencing the SAME outcomes over and over again, or outcomes that share similar characteristics, and are unhappy with these outcomes, you are probably operating in a default energetic pattern.

This is exactly why it is SO important to identify them and work on shifting them.

JOURNALING, Vision Boards, Affirmations, are Coaching Work are all great way to understand, work through, and consciously re-create new energetci patterns in your life.

How default energetic patterns develop…

These energy patterns that have so much influence over us may not even be our own!

These powerful patterns that drive our emotions, reactions, behaviors and circumstances, may not even belong to us!

Many times we inherit these patterns from our parents and childhood; energetically absorbing them through our early experiences. As children we watch, learn and absorb behaviors, mental thought patterns, responses, and emotional reactions that we observe in our home life. These “ways of being” become our blueprint for how WE respond to circumstances in the future. They become our default behaviors, and like it or not, they become our comfort zone and hence what we then attract for ourselves…

They could be your mother’s, father’s or someone else’s in your family who acted as a role model such as a sibling. These patterns are deep rooted and require conscious work. commitment & guidance to release and recreate.

They dictate the types of relationships we attract, our money status, our self esteem and even our emotions. Since many times Default Energetic Patterns stem from generational wounds, it’s epic if you can be the one who learns to identify and change these patterns and break the cycle that has probably been passed down several times by now.

You will be improving your life by doing so, and definitely the lives of your children and loved ones.

Default Energetic Patterns are behaviors created from old wounds and learned coping mechanisms. Many times our parents failed to recognize and heal their own default energetic patterns and thus  unconsciously transferred them onto us.

On a deeper more spiritual level, our default energetic patterns can represent the “issues” that our souls chose to work on in this lifetime which explains why had parents who represented these issues for us.

Without self-awareness or tools to identify these patterns and thus shift them, these patterns and behaviors continue and we go through life creating and re-creating uncomfortable circumstances over and over again. THIS is a problem, if we want to CHANGE or SHIFT or GROW or RECREATE any area of our life. Defining and understanding and then re-creating our default energetic patterns is an essential part of successfully using the LAW of ATTRACTION.

Healing these Patterns

Since these patterns are responsible for what we manifest and experience,...for better or for worse, it’s important to learn to identify them and learn the tools we need to SHIFT them and recreate new patterns that we are conscious of and intentional about.  

The Disentanglement Method is my signature method that I use to help people with this process. I walk people through this method both in person via coaching and in my new e-guide, The Disentanglement Method E-guide, coming soon. In this guide, I explain default energetic patterns in more detail, and give you exercises to fill in to help you define yours in detail. Then I give you tools and exercises and direction to consciously create NEW energy patterns that are totally in sync with your dreams and vision you hold for your life, relationship business etc.

Recognizing and defining your default energetic pattern is a key component to self-healing, self-awareness, personal growth and thus CHANGE. Working on this energy pattern enables you to recognize it and thus consciously re-create new healthy patterns that you are intentional about so that you can attract better circumstances for your life.

These patterns are ultimately meant to be healed, and by doing so, aligns us with our greatest potential and ability to manifest NEW behaviors and experiences that are more in alignment with our SOUL GOALS.

Part of HEALING and fully aligning with who you are and what your life purpose or divine path is, (and your ability to create a life you love, rich in abundance) is to recognize these patterns so that you can identify them, heal and re-create new ones that are healthy, intentional and in alignment with your life’s work.

Naming and understanding these patterns has many benefits. Doing so can help you recognize:

  • why you attract certain circumstances in your life, especially OVER and OVER again
  • Raise your awareness and understand your circumstances
  • Empower you with the TOOLS to SHIFT and Change

You will learn how to

  • identify the qualities and characteristics of the patterns that are driving your experiences
  •  create NEW energetic patterns fueld by charasteristics that are in sync with your hearts desires

Identifying these patterns is a phenomenal TOOL to help you attract what you want in life. Doing so, brings new FREEdom to your life and the sense of empowerment that follows.

Get Started

The Disentanglement Method is my signature method that I use to help people with this process at lightening speed. I walk people through this method both in person and in my e-guide.If you are interested in this kind of root healing work and the opening that this healing work brings, you can:

Learn more about the e-guide: The Disentanglement Method, coming soon 


Book an intuitive coaching session with me HERE

No matter what energetic patterns have been dictating your life, you CAN change them!

I hope that my articles help you and that you enjoy them. Thanks for readying!


xo Laura

Empowering you through Self-Healing


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