What is a default energetic pattern? 

One of the most common and unrecognizable issues that we all face is identifying what I call our “Default energetic patterns.”

Default Energetic patterns are energetic behavioral patterns that we play out over and over again in our lives, creating our experiences, for better or for worse…

These patterns that guide our emotions, reactions and behaviors likely don’t even belong to us.  We inherited these from our parents, energetically absorbing them in childhood. They could be your mother’s, father’s or someone else’s in your family who acted as a role model.

Energetic patterns can be generational wounds that impact the way we respond to life. These patterns are deep rooted and drive and control your life.   They are ultimately meant to be healed, and by doing so, your greatest potential stands before you.  Part of HEALING and fully aligning with who you are and what your life purpose or divine path is, is to recognize these patterns so that you can consciously identify them and thus create new ones that are healthy and intentional.

The Disentanglement Method is my process of helping you define and heal your unconscious default energetic patterns that are unintentionally controlling your life. I mainly use guided journaling and coaching to help with this process.

I LOVE to help people name and understand these patterns so that they experience the FREEdom and sense of empowerment that follows. If you are interested in this kind of root healing and the opening that this freedom brings, you can book a session with me or download my journaling guide on this topic coming soon.

No matter what energetic patterns have been dictating your life, you CAN change them…

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