Change is calling. In numerology this year is a “1” year.  What you do now is planting the seeds and setting the tone for the next 9 years.

If there was ever a time to listen to your calling, its now. Doing the busy work of planting is essential to set the pace for your dreams.

Change is in the air…I didn’t have a choice but to change. The new year brought it into my life like never before. I’m finally getting my footing and it feels different. Lighter, clearer and free of old patterns that I fought hard to break. What changes are calling you? Do they have to fight for you to honor them? Or can you answer them lightly, effortlessly? They await you either way!

Journal with these guided questions…

  • What changes are calling?
  • What can’t wait any longer?
  • What feeds my soul?
  • What ignites my sparkle?
  • What is my intuition begging me to honor?
  • What can I no longer resist?
  • What do I want to accomplish this year?
  • Define the energy that you want to feel each day…

xo Change xo


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