Frustration: the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.

Do you feel frustrated? Are you in a never ending state of pushing yourself, emptying your bucket, with no time to yourself to replenish and recharge? Do you have ongoing things in your life that are unresolved or do you feel unheard when you reach out to solve things with the ones you love? If you have one or more of these issues that are constantly weighing on your soul and spirit, you might be on the brink of losing your cool and adversely impacting your health!

As a Spiritual Life + Business Coach, when I find myself spilling over with frustration, I use Journaling as one of my gentle tools to help me get back into rhythm and see what I have been letting simmer for far too long.  Journaling is my favorite self-care habit to help us empower ourselves to see clearly what the source of our frustration is and find possible solutions from our highest, wisest self to help solve it.

Step # 1

Start by devoting one day per week to journaling with your frustrations.  (maybe Wednesdays?) Try these questions to get you in touch with your frustrations and define which are the ones that need your attention first and fast.

  • What are my top frustrations in my life right now?
  • What are my top frustrations with my partner right now?
  • What are my top frustrations with my children right now?
  • What are my top frustrations with myself right now?

Let your pen be your guide and really let yourself spill the beans…be as honest as possible!!! No inhibitions!

Step #2.

Ask for guidance….from yourself…Use these questions to guide you.

  • Which one of these frustrations is causing me the most stress and harm to my health?
  • How might this build-up be effecting me?
  • What do I do to mask my frustrations?
  • Who do I take my frustrations out on?
  • What is the first frustration to resolve that will help me feel the relief I crave?
  • Name the frustration that you feel most ready to deal with…
  • I am ready to deal with ____________________

Step #3

Keep journaling to find the best way to HEAL the frustration you selected…

  • What are the best steps that I can take to address this issue?
  • What is one thing that I can do to regain control of my life in this area?
  • What are 3 things that might help me begin to resolve this?
  • How can I protect myself and not let my bucket get so empty?
  • How can I keep my bucket at least 50% full all of the time?
  • What does my highest, wisest self, want me to know about this?
  • How can I trust more so that I can let go of my need to control?

By addressing your frustrations through Journaling on a weekly basis, you will keep your anger levels down, avoid unhealthy outbursts, and slowly start to reduce your tolerance level that may be operating at full throttle. By taking small steps based on the divine wisdom you receive through journaling, you will hopefully know the best way to address each of your frustrations in a way that is perfect for YOU!

Journaling is a great tool to add to your self-care rituals and best of all its FREE. I hope these questions are a good starting point to help guide you to your own best wisdom and healing for anything that is frustrating you right now!

Xox Laura Madrigano

Spiritual Life Coach

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