is my favorite healing companion tool that I use in all of my coaching work
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Journaling is my favorite healing companion tool that I use in all of my coaching and healing work.  I have always kept a journal since my early teenage years… 

Journaling is a subtle, yet very powerful form of self-care, that immediately connects you to the highest, wisest part of yourself.

It’s a healthy way to self-express, connect with your heart truth + intuition, gain clarity, process life lessons, hold space for emotions,  meet your own needs and to self-reflect and self-nourish.

Becuase I love journaling so much and I also love to do any kind of healing work on myself, I wrote an eguide called “Journaling with your Intuition”, that you can download below for FREE.

I also share below several journaling blog posts, and a link to my new journaling shop on etsy where I make and sell my one of a kind journals, vision board kits, journaling and healing prompts and affirmation art.






I wrote a FREE e-guide for you called “Journaling with your Intuition.”  Its a simple guide to help people connect more deeply with thier intuition. It will also help you uncover why you may feel disconnected from it, along with journaling prompts and affirmations to help you re-coonect with this powerful gift! 

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I have always loved journaling. As a designer, I have combined my two passions and created a new line of one of a kind journals, journaling kits, and vision board kits that I sell on my new journaling etsy shop. I hope that my journaling kits inspire you to JOURNAL;)

Self-care is the foundation for the QUALITY of your life…

Journaling + Vision Journaling are my favorite forms of self-care & are an important part of my own self-growth and healing process.

I use many different styles of journaling based on my mood and needs such as:

  •  guided journaling,
  • journaling prompts,
  • vision journaling
  • dream journaling
  • affirmation journaling
  • art journaling
  • + Vision Boarding/journaling

Journaling can help you make decisions, find clarity, set goals, heal emotional wounds from the past, shift behaviors, gain inspiration, have breakthroughs, disentangle from default energetic patterns, and connect with your inner guidance system and higher self.  All of which will help you thrive in life and business. 


Below are my journaling blog posts for you to browse through, and don’t forget to get my FREE download called, “Journaling with your Intuition”. I also am excited to announce my latest venture, my one of a kind JOURNALING collection on my new etsy site, Enjoy! 


Journaling Articles from the BLOG…

The Best Habit to Heal Frustration

The Best Habit to Heal Frustration

Frustration: the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something. Do you feel frustrated? Are you in a never ending state of pushing yourself, emptying your bucket, with no time to yourself to replenish and recharge?...

Spiritual Laws

Spiritual Laws

  “You see, the spiritual law is that we receive according to what we give.... So if you feel that you are giving more than you are receiving, you’re either giving less than you think you are, or receiving more than you think you are. Either way, to receive more,...

“Laura, I LOVE your Journaling with your Intuition e-guide and found it extremely helpful! Thank you for creating it”

“Thanks so much for your blog, and giving me the nudge I need to clean up my life, and get healthy again.”

“I loved attending Laura’s Vision Board Workshop, It was so cool to see what my board looked like after two hours of letting myself be creative and find inspiring photos.”

“Following Laura’s journaling prompts helped me to figure out why I was emotionally eating all the time.”

“Journaling really helps you to have breakthroughs when you are stuck.”

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