Over the last 2 years I have been pregnant, had a baby, been utterly sleep deprived, took b-school and completely rebuilt my websites from the ground up. I also took a Legal Love e-course, a Chakra Wisdom healing course, the Writers Workshop, and a few other things in between. I have been sleep deprived, struggled to loose baby weight and tried not to lose sight of my self-care. Did I mention cooking, cleaning and Life coaching?  There are so many things to get into place that the thought of dreaming big was not even a blip on my radar. In fact, just emptying the dishwasher and going for a walk felt like accomplishments and my big dreams just seemed to be- oh major hold.

This week something happened.  Maybe it was a result of my websites finally almost feeling done or clearing some of the clutter out of my life, but something shifted, and I started to allow myself to tap into the FEELINGS that I want to generate in my life.

It was for a magical few seconds when felt and imagined myself being a successful book author, speaking at a tropical resort and helping to inspire.  While on paper, those have been goals for some time, it was a mere 30 seconds when I actually felt what it may feel like to accomplish those things. In that fleeting moment, I was present to what kind of energy I would need to put out for the universe to take notice. Allowing ourselves to feel the magic of dreaming, is a gift that we need to create room for.

When was the last time you let yourself dream really big? Is it something you actively try to harness?  If you are anything like me, there is hardly a second to breathe in between e-classes, and making sure my and baby doesn’t choke on a lego.  Deciding to make time to host the Vision Journal/Board Workshop I just planned feels like a luxury vacation.

Spiritual Practices like Vision Journaling help us tap into the FEELINGS that we want to generate in our lives. The Universe understands in feelings. To align with our manifesting power, our Job is to tap into these feelings and actually FEEL them. Making time in our lives to FEEL them and not just for one afternoon, but daily because when we do, the universe can start matching the vibration and deliver.

It may not look exactly like what we let ourselves imagine, but I guarantee that the universe will manifest it better than we could have dreamt up on our own. But we have to do the work, and show up, and make the vision board…which by the way is FUN! So in case you are like me, a serious worker who defines fun as redesigning a website, this will actually be fun…with real people, real conversations and 2 hours of present, intentional creating with other dreamers and manifestors.

If you live in the NJ area,  I really hope you can make it this Saturday. If you don’t….I hope this inspires you to host your own vision board class or start collecting your swipes for a rainy day to make one on your own! Using the spiritual tools that are available to us is essential in designing a nourished life that you LOVE.

Xox Laura

Details: Ignite Your Intuition Vision Journal/ Board Workshop

Saturday June 13th 12-2pm


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