Sometimes life’s most beautiful GIFTS come wrapped in strange or even scary packages.

I KNOW that this is a scary time. I am worried too, especially about BOTH my parents who are very high risk for the complications of COVID-19 should they get it. BUT, I also know that worrying about it all the time is just not healthy for me, and that I/we have a choice on how much time we spend being nervous about this in general.

 FEAR is not the vibrational frequency that I want to live in every day.

In fact, I believe that raising your energetic vibration, is the remedy to all the fear. It’s one empowering thing we can do, that is within our control, to help ourselves through this tough time.

We can help ourselves shift our own mindset and stay positive.

One of the ways to do this, is to think about and focus on the GIFTS and opportunities of this unusual situation.  Focusing on the positive, or finding ways to perceive something “bad” as “good”, has also helped me at other times in my life. Specifically, when I was diagnosed with a health issue called SVT (supra ventricular tachycardia). SVT is when your heart has an electrical mis-fire and can race as high at 280bpm. “SVT episodes” seem to happen out of nowhere and can create a tremendous amount of anticipatory related anxiety which can be very debilitating.  I really had to dig deep to find the positive ways that SVT was impacting me. The sooner I found the lessons in it, learned to view it as something that was happening for me and not to me, I was able to take more of a birdseye view of it and take back control where I could. Instead of seeing myself as a victim and SVT as something awful, I began to see it as an opportunity.

And it was.

It was an opportunity for me to delve deep into my imabalnces both nutritionally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. It was an opportunity for me to connect with other SVT sufferers from around the world,  it was an opportunity for me to revamp my diet, my lifestlye, and to to pay much closer attention to my heart energy and my intuition. It was even an opportunity for me to go back to school to become a Coach so that I could help others heal.

And There is opportunity NOW as well.

Covid-19 has stopped the world. But how many times has the world felt too fast and have you said to yourself, “Stop the world, I want to get off!”

So today, I invite you to spend some time listing and journaling about the OPPORTUNITIES that covid -19 is bringing forth. I realize that if you have a sick loved one that this exercise will be very hard to do, but even in the most challanging times, there is opportunity. I am not suggessting that there isnt real concern but I am just suggessting that it is possible that we are not powerless right now. We can apply the same laws, such as the law of attraction even to this situation. By consciously spending our energy finding opportunities right now and viewing those opportunities in a positive light, we are helping our energy field, helping ourselves stay healthy and helping this whole situation to rise above.

Some of the things I have been doing that help me to stay positive (when I WASN’T home schooling my kiddo’s):

  •  Re-reading old journals. I find it very insightful to re-read my old journals. I love to pull the wisdom out from my own self-guidance and analyze how I interacted to my intuition and how my intuition revealed it self to me. I find this to be a positive experience and am grateful for the time right now to dive deep into such a long awaited project
  • Decided I want to foster kittens and reached out to my contact and told her we were interested in hosting. I have been putting off my love of kittens for years and its finally time to bring kittens into my life. (update: There is a kitty that we are fostering hiding in my dining room right now!)  Kittens and Cats bring me joy, period. I want to be around my furry freinds, hear and feel them purr, (talk about raising vibrational frequency!) The hubby told me I talked in my sleep the other night and guess what I said? ” KITTY!”
  • Turned my office into a closet. Stuffing my pretty clothes in bins was frustrating. Time to bring myself joy and have the space I need, (albeit a makeshift one). One step closer.
  • Helped my hubby set up a Farm Box program with contactless pick up for our local community

Anyway, these are just some of the positive opportunities that COVID-19 has brought into my life and how I kept my energy high and out of the Fear zone…Maybe you would like to journal about the same?…

“What Opportunities has Covid-19 brought into my life”

“What do I do to raise my energetic frequency?”

Hope you enjoyed this, thanks for reading!



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