When we feel confused, stuck and unsure, uninspired, unclear or even burnt out, one of the greatest tools we have to help ourselves find clarity and motivation, is to create a VISION BOARD.

A Vision Board is a clarity and manifesting tool that helps you in many ways. First the very process of making a vision board can help you to get clearer about what you do and do not want. The magic is actually twofold; it is in benefits of the actual creation process, and then in the end result through the feelings it ignites each time you focus on your board.

I used to make vision boards each year for the new year ahead, but lately I like to make more frequent, more focused vision boards.

Choosing a narrower topic helps you to really hone it on the exact area of life you need help with. For example, if you are feeling like you want to go in a new direction with your business, you can really use the creation process to help you find that direction and get super clear about what you want to spend your time focusing on. The board will represent your dream goals which will serve to keep you on track and inspired when you are off course, offered things that you are not sure about or even scattered in too many directions which happens to all creative entrepreneurs at times.

Here’s what you need to start making your Vision Board:

  • A poster board, foam core or any board you like…any size
  • Magazines to sort through
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Pictures, words, or any print outs you have been collecting
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Tape
  • Craft paper, printed paper, colored paper, scraps of paper
  • Ribbons, colored tapes, fabric flowers etc
  • any other trims that inspire you

Choose your topic…

Before you begin, get clear on the area of life that you need direction or inspiration or clarity.

Use your journal for this and engage in some general writing on the topic. For example, lets say you know you want to improve your diet. You want to get really clear on why you are off track, and what might help you get back on track. If you feel disappointed in the way you have been eating, have lost your momentum, have been eating junk food, and don’t feel motivated to get back on track, you can create a focused health board connecting you back to your eating goals and why you have chosen them in the first place.  (In my own life, when I am gluten and white sugar free, it keeps my anxiety and SVT at bay, and helps me feel confident to travel, look and feel my best, and reach my bigger goals in life such as publishing books and traveling abroad.) So when I create my focused Vision Board, I would want to capture these larger goals so the images remind me of the reasons I choose to make smart choices. The Board can represent those bigger goals, and as I reconnect with those larger goals, it will (hopefully) reignite in me the desire to realign my eating for my higher purpose. If the process leaves me un-inspired still, it may mean that its time to re-evaluate my bigger goals and see if they are still a priority. The whole creation process serves as a re-evaluation and then redeclaration of your commitments and dreams.

Once you feel clear that you are choosing a  topic that needs your attention, you can start looking for images that capture your intention.

1. Begin by leafing through magazines and tear out whatever speaks to you…even if you think you want to create a board around “health”…you may find yourself pulling every picture that relates to travel…like warm beaches, sand, waterfalls…This is your inner voice telling you that the best way to create health is to include water, a vacation, view of the ocean into your life…that those elements are what your soul needs to be healthier, remain healthy, regain health etc…Don’t limit yourself. Use this time to just be creative and pull any pictures you feel led to. As much as I encourage you to choose a topic, let your imagination lead the way…you can always save swipes that don’t make it onto this board…for the next board…

2. After you gather a nice pile of images, start cutting out the words and pictures that into smaller sizes so you can begin to see a theme emerge.

3. Lay out some of the pictures onto your board. I like to choose an image or slogan for the center of my board that is the main feeling or topic I want to capture and manifest. This can be the intention of the board or board theme as well.

4. Begin to tape or glue your board together, and layer on words, images in any way that speaks to you. There is no right or wrong! Just have fun and let yourself enjoy the design and creation process. 

5. Let your board dry and choose a spot for you board where it will have the most impact. While the process of making the board has hopefully helped you to get clearer and more excited about what you want, the feelings looking at the board ignites in you is what will help you to manifest it.

If you created a health board, you may want to put it in the kitchen or on the refrigerator. If you made a business brand vision board you can hang it over your desk. If you made a parenting board or healthy communication board, you might choose your family room etc.

6. Write down the feelings that your board ignites in you…You can write those feeling on the back or print them and add them to the front of the board.

7. USE YOUR TOOL…Use it by breathing in when you look at it, study it, gaze at it, close your eyes and take it in. Take time to meditate on the feelings you feel from your board and affirm in your mind and in your journal:

  • I am able to achieve my goals
  • I am clear on what I want
  • I make time for meditation
  • I am in alignment with my goals and dreams
  • I enjoy taking creative time to focus on what I want
  • I am being divinely led

I hope this helped you to learn some of the basics about how to make a focused vision board!




Love Laura


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