Telling the truth is about integrating your inner and outer world. It’s about preserving your health and rescuing yourself from the potential harm that comes from from ignoring your feelings.

I recently realized that I was a Silent Child. I had every characteristic of a kid who never spoke my truth. I was never asked, never wanted to share, had no practice with self-expression, and was shut off. My silent mantra was that “Nobody cared about me”.

I felt my “feelings” as a heavy pain lodged in my throat that I had to “control”.  Sometimes when suppressing my feelings became too overwhelming and I couldn’t bear it anymore, I would go in the bathroom until they submerged again. When they did, it was safe to go back into my world of pretending. Where did all those tears go?

The problem with all this, was that for starters, it made me sick. My stomach “hurt” all the time. As I got older, and did begin to express myself, what came out of me was a mixture of lies , aggression and “allowing without boundaries”. I never stood up for myself. Sound familiar? My lies could be anything from pretending I didn’t like a boy when I did, or pretending to be perfect and put together when I was far from it. We lie when we pretend that everything in our household is OK when it clearly isn’t. We lie when our parents sweep things under the rug. All these lies begin to erase our truth until we can no longer hear it. We are disconnected.  As adults, we are cut off from our intuition and we wonder why.

Healing SVT naturally is about listening to our intuition. That intuition can be hard to recognize if we spent a lifetime not listening to it and telling our truth. Those divine messages and inner guidance that was meant to protect us is so suppressed…maybe it’s time to find it.

I would like to help re-connect us to our truth, our Intuition, our build-in powerful healing tool!

Messages and inner wisdom about what foods are healthy for will feed our bodies best,  when its time to rest, or what brings us joy are important revelations in healing SVT naturally. I believe that our intuition will guide us to other clues like what may be contributing to  our SVT’s, and how we can make better lifestyle choices that are specific to our individual needs.

The Truth Shall Set you Free.

Here’s what I am wiling to try..

1. Being truthful with myself. When a thought or feeling comes up, I am willing to quietly say it out loud. No one but me and the universe has to witness it. Its just an exercise in getting our voice to express and connect with our true feelings. Today my truth was that sometimes motherhood is hard and exhausting. I never have allowed myself to say it out loud out of fear of being judged. Today I allowed myself to say it.

2. By saying our truth, we let it pass and flow instead of shoving it inside our body with no where else to go…except that eventually all those feeling do go somewhere…and in my case, they usually develop into an SVT.

3. I am willing to talk to my silent inner child. What were all those feeling I had as a kid that I hid and buried. Maybe its time to journal them out, or quietly say them out loud and let them go. By doing do, I just might tame my lion who has a tendency to get easily angry or over-react. (anger=heat=svt) Maybe as I begin to integrate the quiet me with the sometimes “harsh” me, the two can naturally give each other the balance they need.

Stunting your truth will make you sick. This I know for sure. So as a form of self-care, love and prevention, why not allow ourselves  to seek and speak our truth…it may just set us free and prevent our next SVT!

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