Today I made a decision to trust my feelings on something that just hasn’t felt right.

The action step I needed to do was to not accept an offer that someone was making me that didn’t feel right. I kept rationalizing it my mind. I was trying to work it out, look at it from all the different angles and then yesterday I received some guidance. The guidance was to let go of struggle.  Since the situation felt like a struggle all around, I finally knew that I needed to let it go and trust the in the outcome, whatever it may be.

I am not good at letting go. I did feel that deep down this situation was a test and if I did let it go something more suited for me would appear. So today I took the leap and let go. (wow!)

So how do you know when it is time to let go?

The answer is to trust your feelings.

Doreen Virtue says to “Trust their validity, even if you don’t understand them or feel certain about what they mean”.

As I become more interested in heart energy and energy healing in general, I can see how have long made decisions using my mind over my heart. This makes it even harder to trust your feelings. The heart wants to be heard and followed and when we don’t we miss out on what could be extraordinary experiences.

Here are some guided journaling prompts  and affirmations to help you trust your feelings…


  • I trust my feelings
  • I accept my feelings
  • My feelings speak the truth to me
  • I listen to my feelings and my heart
  • It is easy for me to listen to my heart
  • I make time to journal and hear my hearts messages
  • I let go of my need to struggle to make decisions or find answers

Journaling Prompts: 

  • Where in your life can you let go of something that feels like a struggle?
  • Is trusting your feelings enough or do you need other evidence that the situation is not right for you?
  • When have you trusted your feelings and been completely right?
  • How does it feel when you don’t trust your feelings?
  • Do you need evidence to make decisions? Are feelings enough to guide you?
  • How can you stay in your heart and honor its messages?




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