Summer Reading-Remembering Wholeness- Thursday Aug 11th-7-8:30pm in person in NJ or Tues Aug 15th, 8-9:30pm on line

Carol Tuttle’s work has helped me to integrate with my own inner child and to understand and eradicate negative behaviors and patterns in my life. I am excited to dive into her book “Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century.”

A simple and profound approach to creating the life you want and deserve. Actualizing your own innate powers and the powers of heaven to assist you.

Are You In Control Of Your Life–Or Is Your Life In Control Of You? What Readers are saying about Remembering Wholeness:

“My mind is spinning thinking of all the ways this book will be useful to me, my family, and my friends. I need this information in my home and in my life.”

“Reading this book opened me up inside. It was real and immediate. I opened up to the dreams of who I wanted to become for many years. Reading it was like being filled with light.”

“Powerful stuff! I actually felt a power coming off the pages of the book as I read. I can’t imagine reading it just once. It is a book I will keep going back to.”

“I am enjoying and loving this book more and more. It is beyond anything I ever thought I’d see in any one book. I am thoroughly, thoroughly enjoying this absolutely amazing book.”

“Before I even finished the book, I felt confident and understood that I had the power to change my life with the assistance of spiritual powers beyond myself.”

“This book helped me clear old patterns and programs that have been in my family for years.”

Best-Selling book since 2000

375 pages, Paperback,

Here is the link on amazon:

IN person if you live in NJ Book Club Discussion Date: Thursday AUGUST 11th 7-8:30pm EST

On Line-Anyone can attend from anywhere in the world: Tuesday August 15th-8-9:30pm EST via ZOOM on line video conferencing.

PLEASE note: PLEASE RSVP via email to either date. In order to attend the on-line date, I need your email address in order to send over your link to enter the meeting. 



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