Create a Business Vision Binder: your tool for manifesting + success


If you are like me, and cant distinguish between your life and your business, it means that you have been successful at what so many people strive for…CREATING A BUSINESS THAT YOU LOVE!!!!

I love to spend time on my business plans and dreams. In the last year, I have found that using a business binder has elevated my business on many levels. From more clarity, to faster manifesting, to simple organization, I cannot say enough about the powers of building your own Business Vision Binder. 

Create a Business Vision Binder: 
your tool for manifesting + success
If you are a small business owner and want a powerful tool to manifest success, then you will LOVE this course!
Self-care for your Business!……This meetup is for anyone that has their own business or is dreaming of starting one!
A Business Vision Binder is similar to a Vision Board or Journal and is an essential business and creative tool to help you achieve clarity and success in your business venture.
What is a business binder and why do I need one?
A business binder is your business road-map for everything you need to be successful in your business. It has sections devoted to business categories including core brand values, streamlining your social media messaging and positioning, ideas for upcoming courses and sales funnels, your business intentions, goals, and even a section devoted to finances where you creatively write out your money goals and affirmations.
This book is where you design your entire business vision all in one organized easy to access place that you can build on, refer back to and use as a Powerful Business Manifesting Tool over and over again. It will help you stay focused, make good decisions, align you with your intention and be your grounding tool to keep you on track and grow from as you evolve your business from year to year.
In this course, we will create (or build on) our existing brand/ business Vision book and all the necessary sections including….
1. The INTENTION of your business. (If you don’t already have a clearly written intention, we will create it together!)
2. Your Offerings
3. Your Goals
4. Your ICA
5. Your financial Goals/Pricing/Timelines
6. Pictures that create your BRAND VISION and core business values and messaging
7. Long Term Goals
8. All the visuals to match. We will spend time sorting through magazines to pull swipes of inspiration and visuals that represent our business, brand, goals and dreams to paste in the book. These pages will correspond to the above sections and become the VISUAL component of our creative manifesting process.
This e-course is coming soon!


Self-care for your Business!……

This Course is for anyone that has their own business or is dreaming of starting one! 


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