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Are you confused about your image? Do you have several businesses and are trying to create a streamlined presence? Do you want your blog, website, emails, Instagram and Facebook to match? Do you have thoughtful clear messaging that is on brand? Do you need a fresh eye, creative direction and support, and spiritual business coaching to help you cross a threshold and elevate your business? This laser focused streamlining session includes:

  • a full analysis of your web presence, business, branding, colors, and image
  • a pre-meeting (30 minutes) to discuss your goals, likes and obstacles
  • a 90 minute laser focus streamlining coaching session

The 90 minute session includes

  • creative direction and ideas on offerings, pricing, packages, product,
  • Ideas and strategies to  increase sales
  • Ideas to increase income
  • Ways to clarify and straighten your offerings
  • Creative homework via journaling
  • Affirmations
  • Spiritual Coaching direction using card deck of choice
  • lots of support, love and direction from someone who sees your potential!
  • xo



I absolutely LOVE and am obsessed with helping creative entrepreneurs grow their business.

My specialty is helping people FINETUNE + STREAMLINE their website, email marketing, messaging, graphics, and personal style to reflect their VISION.  Spiritual Laws + self-care help make that process fun and easy!

YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS. My business coaching helps you integrate your personal life, self-care, values, vision, and goals while supporting your deep need for self-care, creativity and self-expression

Are you on the cusp, ready to cross a threshold? I would LOVE to help you! xo

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