Your Kitchen is where your self-nourishment begins…

As a young designer in NYC back in my 20’s,  my sole focus was on the success of my business. I never paid much attention to what I was eating. I considered my diet pretty good. I loved vegetables, didn’t really like red meat and was thin. Those were the things I thought about.

My sole focus was on growing my business. Cooking, was never on my mind, and I viewed it as an annoyance. Besides, living in NYC most people order out every single meal of the day.

While at work, my afternoons always consisted of a 4:00 large Iced coffee with 4 sugars and a chocolate chip cookie to get me through the later part of the day. In fact, chocolate chip cookies were and still are my favorite thing on earth.

One day, while bending over to pack and ship an order, my heart went into an accelerated rate and I was rushed to the hospital.

I was diagnosed with something called, SVT.  Supra-ventricular tachycardia is when your heart can beat up to 280 beats per minute. It’s different than panic attacks, and scarier than any other health issue I ever faced.  When I got SVT, I knew I needed to take my health much more seriously, especially since I didn’t want to go on lifelong heart medication or have surgery.

I started in my Kitchen…

Eventually I realized that I was much more likely to have an SVT when I was constipated, stressed, tired or ate large carb or sugary meals, Among many other lifestyle changes, I started a gluten free, sugar free diet to try to prevent SVT. This wasn’t easy for a girl who loved pasta and cookies. BUT, you can’t achieve your goals when you are SICK and don’t have a healthy relationship with FOOD, which I realized I sort of had.

I knew that I needed to eat in a way that was healed, whole and conscious, to help me elevate my whole health, and allow me to meet my business and personal growth goals.

Today, I thrive on a gluten free, white sugar free diet, I have learned how to make the BEST gluten free chocolate chip cookies and many other ridiculously delicious baked goods that are actually GOOD for you.

I discovered ways to use my kitchen and food prep to support my health goals. I now use healthy food to help me achieve my life goals instead of food being a source of self-sabtoage.

Today in addition to my regular coaching and fashion work, I help people with SVT learn how to heal it naturally. I always advise and discuss looking at their relationship with food as a healing tool. I have written an e-Book called The SVT Prevention Diet.where I share everything about how to heal SVT naturally using DIET.

Your relationship with food is a vehicle to help you achieve your goals. I enjoy viewing my food in this way and doing so helps me make positive choices now.

I share some of my recipes, kitchen tips and other food related insights on my blog here as well as on my other website called Heal SVT Naturally. In case you have SVT, you may want to check it out HERE. 

Laura xo

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