I have to eat right or I risk not feeling well.

I manage a health issue called SVT, Supra-ventricular Tachycardia. To keep it at bay, I am on  gluten free, white sugar free diet.

Fast, easy, nutritious food is a must when you are a busy mom, small business owner working from home and living a life of conscious prevention no matter what your health issue is.smothie bowl

Smoothie bowls are great. They meet my requirements of being fast and providing excellent nutrition. 

When you make a smoothie, you can easily make extra and then save some for later. I like to save half in a mason jar with a lid for later in the day. Keep it in the fridge;)

When you are ready for a healthy treat, either late in the day or even after dinner, you can take the leftover smoothie out and pour it in a bowl. These are great for kids as well especially if you made a basic smoothie like strawberry-banana.

Select your nutritious toppings… There are so many toppings to choose from.  For this one, I chose gluten free cereal, sliced banana, raisins with a drizzle of honey. Some other ideas would be GF granola (I like purely elizabeth) chia seeds, a dolip of almond butter, or anything you like and have on hand.

Smoothie bowls are an easy nutritious leftover, plus they are pretty and fun to eat!

Remember to savor every bite and take a real break from work while eating!




p.s. This smoothie bowl is photographed on a vintage linen that I made several years ago. I added a vintage hanky with pink gingham ribbon trim to a plain while vintage doily.


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