CHAKRAS  are the invisible energy centers that are located within your body.

Becoming aware of their essence can help you to go a little deeper into what is fueling physical aliments in your body. Some people believe that before a health issue shows up in physical form, the energy center that relates to that part of the body may be out of balance. Further, it is believed that emotions fuel the chakras which is another way to view the mind body spirt connection as it relates to our well being.

As you learn about the chakras you can also learn more about the importance of protecting these energy centers, along with why you might feel drained around certain circumstances or people, and what restores your energy vs depletes it.

chakraChakra awareness can offer insight into your spiritual, emotional and physical health.

I became interested in the chakras as they relate to physical illness while I was on my own healing journey for a health issue I have called SVT.

As I worked on changing my diet and doing the physical things that would help me to manage it, I also wanted to learn everything I could about this issue from an energetic, emotional and spiritual level. I took this chakra wisdom course with a woman named Deborah King and found it very useful in understanding much more about these energy centers.

Today I incorporate this energetic information in conjunction with all the other intuitive coaching that I do.


Laura Madrigano is certified in Chakra Wisdom Healing 2015 from the Deborah King Center

To work with Laura for SVT coaching or for Creative and Business Coaching learn more HERE



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