Create a Business Vision Binder: your tool for manifesting + success May 15th 10am

If you are a small business owner and want a powerful tool to manifest success, then you will love this workshop!

Create a Business Vision Binder

A Business Vision Binder is a Binder that you create to use as a Powerful Business Manifesting Tool. This book will become your business “bible”. It is the place that will hold the entire vision for your business which is step one to manifesting it.

In this book, you will organize all of your business ideas, your goals, your timeline, your offerings, your inspiration, your pricing, and all the visuals to match. It will be your creative visualization tool that you go back to and refer to forever to help you stay focused, make sure you are aligned with your intention and be your grounding tool to keep you on track. It is the Vision Map for how you design and see the evolution of your business.

In this beautiful morning workshop, we will create (and build on our existing) brand/ business book.

This book will have sections devoted to the following:

1. The INTENTION of your business. (If you dont already have a clearly written intention, we will create it together!)

2. Your Offerings

3. Your Goals

4. Your ICA

5. Your financial Goals/Pricing/Timelines

6. Pictures that create your BRAND VISION

7. Long Term Goals

8. All the visuals to match. We will spend time sorting through magazines to pull swipes of inspiration and visuals that represent our business, brand, goals and dreams to paste in the book. These pages will correspond to the above sections and become the VISUAL component of our creative manifesting process.

This workshop will be on Sunday Morning, May 15th from 10-12pm. Tea and Fruit will be served.

I supply ALL the tools and crafting supplies that we will need to create and build your book including the actual binders, inserts, dividers, beautiful paper to use to build our visual pages, magazines to pull swipes from, inspirational affirmations, scissors, tape, glue…everything we will need.

The only thing that you need to bring are your business ideas, and if you like, you can begin to tear any swipes, words, affirmations, or visuals that inspire you and that you would like to add to your book. This class will be just like creating a Vision Journal, only we will add the components into a binder (which is a practical way to organize and carry your business idea anywhere you travel to for continued reference and inspiration). I  have boards of all sizes available if you want to focus on just making the board separate from the book.

There is a 35.00 fee for this workshop which covers all the supplies listed above. (Early Bird pricing until April 30th 30.00)

Bring your business Card for a RAFFLE. 1 person from the workshop will be chosen as a raffle winner to receive a free private business coaching session with me. 

If you already started your binder (like me) then you will continue to build it, that is why I LOVE to use a binder, so you can keep adding new ideas to it throughout the year. I cannot wait to share this powerful creating process with you and manifest our dreams together!

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