You are just as busy as everyone else. You are checking your social media, obsessed with Instagram and have signed up for way too many emails that you definitely don’t have time to read.  If you are an entrepreneur that is emailing your client base, I want to share 3 tips with you.

1. Keep your emails SHORT. No one has time to read long emails anymore. Shorten them up by 50% if you want people’s real  attention.

2. Stick to one message per email. No one wants to or can absorb more than one key message at a time. If you are talking about too many things, go off track, or share too many links you will loose them. I cannot tell you how many emails I delete because the message takes too long to get to, is unclear, or too hard to distinguish.

3. Add a picture of yourself to your header. I need to know who you are. I want to know who you are. Don’t be mad at me for not remembering who you are. help me remember by adding your photo. I want to see you, and after I see you and open your emails I will start to remember and really CONNECT with you. I will look forward to seeing you.

Hope that helps!

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