As people get busier and busier, and attention spans spread thin, I have 3 tips for you to engage your readers if you are still using email communication and marketing (which I do advise you keep up with).

1. Keep your emails SHORT. No one has time to read long e-mails or newsletter style emails anymore. Shorten them up by 50% if you want people’s undivided attention.

2. Stick to one message per email. No one wants to or can absorb more than one key message at a time. If you are talking about too many things, go off track, or share too many links you will loose their interest. I cannot tell you how many emails I delete because the core message takes too long to get to, is unclear, or too hard to distinguish. Bottom line your message or you risk getting moved to trash;(

3. Add a picture of yourself to your header! It greatly helps your email to be read and absorbed if the reader can quickly connect back to who you are. Having a picture of you helps this instant connection. Help yourself and help your reader by adding your photo every single time (and the same one, to create brand recognition).

People would rather read several “to the point” emails, then long stories, or have to sort through several topics or choices just to get to the point of your email communication.

Need help shortening up your emails and engaging your readers? You can book a consult session with me or sign up for my small business emails HERE.

xo Laura

Small Business Coaching and Creative Direction


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