Hiring a Coach is an INVESTMENT in your personal and business growth.

Here are a few tips to help you find a qualified professional that is worth the money.

  • First and so glaringly obvious we almost forget to ask. Are they actually a certified coach? And even better are they a BOARD CERTIFIED COACH? I cannot tell you how many people are making up glamorous names for their profession without any real certification or training to qualify them as an actual COACH. ASK for this important piece of evidence before you swipe your credit card. You are actually NOT allowed to call yourself a COACH if you are not a CERTIFIED COACH. When someone called themselves a mentor, lifestyle strategist, consultant, etc it usually means they are NOT A COACH.


  • Where did they do their Coach Training? Is it a school you have heard of? Is it reputable?


  • ¬†How many years have they been a practicing? Are their testimonials real? Are they experienced in what you actually need?


  • Read between the lines when you evaluate their website. Content vs. Glamour, Do they seem to actually offer consistent valuable information, classes, and training’s?


  • Do they offer a free call without any pressure to sell you a package? Can you talk to them and get a feel for their energy before you hire them?


  • Get on their newsletter or email list. Coaches usually give away loads of valuable coaching for FREE via articles, webinars and more. These communications will help you learn more about the coach before you hire them to see if you like their energy.

Hope these tips help you make the right decision for yourself! xo Laura

Small Business Coaching and Creative Direction


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