Waiting for your Life Purpose to reveal itself, can be…fustrating! discouraging!, unpromising even…

I have a plan to help you stay busy while you are “in waiting” and propel you (& align you) with it while you are waiting for the big reveal! Its called…Getting Prepared!!!!

I have learned this lesson twice in the last few years…. Once, I was prepared and once I was not.Being prepared means being completely ready for what you want to happen. It means doing all the work in advance so that if you are lucky enough to actually have the universe grant you your wish, you will be ready to accept it.

Many of us dream of a better life. We dream of living our life purpose, being in a different situation, a new situation, one where we are “happier”, “more fulfilled”, more something….

We try to figure out ways to make what we want to happen in our head, and sometimes that’s where our vision stays. We can get too caught up in trying to figure out every tiny detail, instead of just focusing on our part, which sometimes is to simply “prepare ourselves.”

If what you “want” landed on your doorstep in 5 minutes from now…would you be ready to step into to it? Have you been “training”? Are you PREPARED? Are you prepared or unprepared for what you want to happen in your life?

For a long time I had been thinking of changing businesses. I have had two separate passions and for the last 15 years had been living out one of my creative pursuits. But in the last few years, I just knew that I needed to live out my deeper “life’s work”. So…instead of just continuing to think about it and feel frustrated & unable to visualize how all the steps would fall into place….I stopped thinking and got into action by SLOWLY starting to prepare

Here’s HOW….

  • I took a class! A certification course to be exact at the Life Purpose Institute…
  • I stated an intention!….My intention was that the process would help guide me in the perfect direction of realizing my own life purpose…and to find deeper inner healing along the way.
  • I started organizing! I began to create actual “folders” with ideas for the work I wanted to do and moved them all to one new file box (a tangible place!). Papers or articles or journaling exercises that I had saved or written…all finally getting sorted and revised and put in one place so that I could actually find them and use them! Imagine that!
  • I started a daily spiritual practice… Journaling! (I should say I revised my practice as I had always been a journaler…but now I added layers to it, intention with it, started using it as a listening tool, a clarity tool
  • I did more inner work! I really dove in to the layers of healing that were stopping me from living the “me” that I knew I could be. I encouraged feelings to come up instead of pushing them down….how?
  • I set aside actual time to allow my feelings to come up. I specifically put on a sad movie to let the tears begin to flow…and when they did I got out my journal…I looked through old pictures and notes and wrote letters, and let go and consciously said goodbye to what NO LONGER SERVED ME.
  • I started “visualizing” myself in a small office that would suit me for the work that I wanted to do…
  • I looked at logos and ordered business cards and other professional materials.
  • I asked the universe for what I wanted. It was more of a conversation and less like a demand. I explained my desires loosely with room for interpretation, giving the universe FULL permission to manifest it in whatever way IT saw fit for me! I wasn’t rigidly attached to something I wanted, but rather offered myself as a servant of the universe. Asked that it use me for IT’s purposes…

And then I sat back and magically waited. With confidence, and completion, and enjoyed the trust I had with my partner who I knew wouldn’t let me down!  All the while, I guess in a way I was secretly and silently “hoping” that the spiritual laws I invested in really were TRUE…If we really align ourselves with our divine path…do the doors really open easily? Does abundance really flow? I set myself up in the best possible way to patiently wait and find out!

I knew that if what all the spiritual leaders are saying is TRUE…that if this new path was meant to be my life’s work, then things would be easy, the right opportunities would find me, and I would  be led exactly on the right path…and if/ when I was granted my dream…I would surely be PREPARED for it!!!

RESULTS! A few years ago, an opportunity showed up (ie: came knocking on my front door…to re-pharse more clearly…I didn’t go out, and strive, and bang down doors, and seek and be nervous or have anxiety or look for it…it FOUND me). A colleague friend emailed to see if I happen to know anyone who wanted to rent a small very affordable space in a new “office share”.

I sat there in silence, in gratitude, in awe, because I KNEW that this was the universe, my friend, who worked silently and diligently to move mountains to give me exactly what was the perfect next step for me….(By the way, I knew all this before my fingers would even type back)…YES, I know someone, ITS MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Can we all just sit with that for a second….I Love that. I guess that is what it means to fall more and more in love with something you already loved to begin with…. The exact perfect situation landed in my lap….!!!!….and here’s the BEST PART……READY…..I was actually prepared to take it

Had I not taken the 17 week certification when I did, or had I not saved money, or had my business cards, or done all the other details on my list to prep, I may not have been ready or felt sooo unbelievably PREPARED!!! In fact, I may not have even “seen” that email as “my golden opportunity”. I may have forwarded it out to my email list…who may or may not have been READY.

Seeing that email, and being ready for it was the result of my preparation.  I was able to seize the chance, and know that it was the universe guiding me. I was able to hear the universe’s messages because I had done the work, cleared the space for it, and was in sync waiting to listen for its cues.  My new business is in motion because I was PREPARED to receive it. I did the work. I was ready. My preparation met the universe and my life purpose took flight. It was an amazing lesson, one that I love to share….

The second lesson was when I was not prepared…..I guess the universe thought since I was prepared for the first one, it would hand me another…So…another email…this time for a writing contest…with the exact publisher of my dreams…only this time the manuscript had to ready asap and sadly,  mine wasn’t. It’s wasn’t ready because I wasn’t prepared. I hadn’t worked enough on my dream because I didn’t make it a priority or think it was really possible. So I didn’t dedicate myself to it. I didn’t believe that the universe was going to knock on my door and ask me for it! I thought that I would write it “one day”. I thought that on some rainy day, in my far off future, I would organize all my notes, and half-started pages when I got around to it. I thought that this “dream” is something that happens years from now, not TODAY! …and so for me, this dream won’t happen today, it will be passed on to the next person whose manuscript WAS prepared and ready to be emailed in….(But rest assure I will start preparing mine for the next time the universe comes knocking!)

GET PREPARED my soulful friends,  so that when the universe hands you exactly what you want, on a silver platter, you are ready and can RECEIVE IT!

Journaling Questions to write about:

  • What can “you” do today that will prepare you for your dreams?
  • In what ways are you already prepared?
  • In what ways are you NOT prepared?
  • When you were little did your parents help you prepare for important projects at school?
  • Did you feel prepared for school/work assignments? Or embarrassed always making up excuses?
  • How does being prepared or unprepared make you feel?
  • Create a list of things to do (that are within your control) to help you feel more prepared and secure.
  • Do you trust yourself to follow through on what needs to be done?
  • How can you develop a trusting relationship with the universe?
  • What are your daily practices to align yourself with your dreams?
  • What is your daily spiritual LISTENING practice?


  • I trust that I am being given all the opportunities I desire.
  • I am prepared
  • I deserve to be prepared
  • I am able to follow through on important projects
  • I am aligned with my life’s work
  • It feels great to prepare for my dreams
  • I love the feeling of being prepared
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