“Streamlined” is a fashion industry term to see if the designer was successful in creating a cohesive collection.

As creative entrepreneurs it can be hard to create a “streamlined” presence but doing so starts with a. few key points that I learned in my early years as a Fashion Designer in NYC

  • DE-CLUTTER. Take down anything that doesn’t relate to your overall message, service, or product. As they say in the fashion biz…”less is more”


  • Choose a Color Story and a create a Story Board. I know people just skip this step but it can really help you to create the mood, and energy that you want people experience when they arrive at your website. Choose your colors and then stick to them. Read this article HERE on creating a Story Board.


  • Make EVERYTHING match. And I MEAN everything. IF you website is one color story, and you are launching a product, you CAN’T MAKE The lead page, canva images, and webinar header a completely different color! IT DOENST MATCH your brand. STREAMLINE your colors, website, images, email marketing, headers, lead pages, business cards, thank you pages, downloads, etc.This is how you ¬†create a brand image.


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