The Universe is Hiring…

Are you ready to Apply for your dream job? 

My Signature Course

“Work for the Universe” is a system of layering spiritual laws and tools into your new or existing business to align you with Universal Laws to GROW your business while you NOURISH your SOUL.

If you want to learn how to go from being an entrepreneur to an employee of the Universe, this life changing course is for you!

(The Universe is cheering for you!)

I help entrepreneurs on the cusp of success layer SPIRITUAL LAWS & TOOLS into their existing business to help move from stuck to empowered and cross the threshold to achieve their DREAMS.

My “Work for the Universe” system helps people go from being

an “Entrepreneur” to “Working for the Universe”,

the greatest role on earth!

Are you ready?

The UNIVERSE is waiting for you! 

The Universe is Cheering 

I was working as a Fashion Designer in NYC when my heart started talking to me in a way that I could no longer ignore. A health condition called SVcircle deeea (2)T (supra ventricular tachycardia) was the beginning of an overdue wake up call that helped me to listen to my heart, find self-care, integrate my spirituality and elevate my business.

Your SOUL is talking to you all the time…

When we don’t listen or can’t hear it, the messages get louder and louder. 

The only thing I wanted to hear at the time was my entrepreneurial voice telling me to push harder, work longer, and keep going. 

And then the Universe called…

Guess what? There is something better than working for yourself and running your own business and it’s called….becoming an employee for the UNIVERSE. Today, I help striving entrepreneurs visually elevate their business and layer in spiritual laws and tools to help them achieve personal nourishment and business success.

Join me and I will share the FREE spiritual laws that are available to us all, and help you apply them to your existing business in a creative, intuitive and inspirational way. 

The Universe is waiting for you!

xo Laura

An “Employee of the Universe”

is someone who serves their highest purpose bringing their gifts and services to the world. They know their worth, and finally embrace it. Spiritual gifts like abundance, ease, and peace are bestowed on them. They are in their flow and use their intuition to guide their ship.

Personal needs and business dreams are equal partners in your life because you know the Universe needs you to be nourished and at the top of your game. 

I walk people through a system that layers in my “Work for the Universe” steps into your existing business to achieve elevated levels of clarity, courage and profit.

After years of private coaching and business consulting, I have designed a 7 step process that helps entrepreneurs on the cusp of success launch themselves and their businesses across the threshold. 

Through coaching, classes, e-courses and guided journaling, I help entrepreneurs learn these tools and apply them to their existing business. 

My system is called “Work for the Universe” and it helps entrepreneurs align themselves with the Universe and use laws like the Law of attraction, and being in service, to grow their business at accelerated rates.

As an employee of the Universe myself, my role is to help the UNIVERSE find it leaders and help them launch thier desperately needed services to the world. In order to do this, we have to clear the blocks in our own lives that sometimes hold us up, and make sure our business model is in order and alignment with spiritual laws.

My courses, coaching and e-guides serve this purpose. It is with great LOVE and Gratitude that I serve my own purpose in life to help others do the same. I would love to help you with your business, and your own needs, as the UNIVERSE knows that YOU are YOUR business. xox 

Work for the Universe

Ready to layer in Spiritual Laws and Tools into your business model to cross the threshold you have been dreaming of? 

Work for the Universe is a 7 module Class series that is delivered via videos, live classes, one on one coaching, downloads, etc…more coming soon….

Hi! I’m Laura Madrigano. Designer, Spiritual Life + Business Coach, Writer, Inspirational Speaker, and Mom.

I help people become an Employee of the Universe

From Entrepreneur….

Did you DREAM of becoming an entrepreneur only to find that working for yourself is longer hours, less pay, and having to play even more roles than before? Did you realize that your money blocks and personal issues could actually stand in the way of your business success? Along with the longed for “flexible hours” and “being your own boss” comes the awareness that you and your business are ONE, and every unhealed piece of you can effect your SUCCESS. I have a route for you to consider, that can help you achieve your goals, have time for self-care, align with financial freedom, and feel in sync with your PURPOSE….all with EASE!


If you are on the CUSP of Success, I can help you Cross the threshold!

To Employee of the Universe…

This is a crazy time to be alive and the Universe needs you. It is calling people forward and you are one of them. We have all been lead to think that being an entrepreneur is the greatest role on earth, but I have one that is even bigger and it’s called becoming an EMPLOYEE OF THE UNIVERSE! Imagine mixing your passion, work ethic, and talent, with magical laws that are here to help us, open doors, and guide the way. Imagine a life of ease, abundance, intuitive guidance, and joy. If you dream of creating a legacy and being a part of a message that is so much bigger than yourself, the Universe wants you to know that you CAN have it all…

The Universe is Hiring! Are you ready to apply for your DREAM job?


“Through my coaching sessions with Laura, I have been inspired to step out with courage and clarity to follow my calling.   I have learned that wherever you are presently in life does not have to be your destiny.  There are much bigger plans in store for you.  My own healing journey has taken me from barely surviving to thriving as I reach out in service to fulfill my life’s purposes.”


I work for the Universe and it is the greatest role on earth! 

If you want to shift from an entrepreneurial business model to a Universal one, I design creative tools and templates to apply to your existing business to achieve higher levels of self-nourishment and success.

I help entrepreneurs feed their SOUL and GROW their business