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If you are looking for a dynamic Speaker,  Workshop Facilitator, and Inspirator for speaking engagements, smaller group coaching sessions or one on one sessions to offer to your retreat guests, Laura Madrigano is the perfect choice to provide motivation, growth opportunity, and result focused presentations.

Intuitive Coaching, Inspiration, Motivation…

Laura Madrigano flies all over the Globe to facilitate her trademarked speaking topics and provide private one on one coaching sessions at destination retreat locations.

Laura is a a sought after Inspirator, natural motivator and Intuitive Life Coach who helps Entrepreneurs and Creative Leaders align their lives and businesses with their truth, divine messages and spiritual purpose. If you are looking for a powerful coach who intuitively and energetically connects with your retreat attendees, you found your Destination Coach!

Laura has facilitated self-care workshops, group coaching, and speaking events for over 15 years. Her naturally ability to lead will help captivate and motivate audiences who are ready for spiritual and self care growth. To Book Laura for your special event, email her at

Speaking Engagements

As a Fashion Designer, Creative Director, Inspirator, and Spiritual Life Coach, Laura Madrigano offers a dynamic, intuitive perspective on topics like “Work for the Universe”, “How to infuse your life and biz with Intention, Clarity and Spiritual tools”, and “How to Heal SVT Naturally”.  Inspiring topics are tailored to your company’s needs and goals and are modified to meet your retreat intention. After the initial speaking engagements, groups can be broken down into smaller more targeted mini coaching sessions where focused topics are explored in more detail.

Intuitive Coaching Sessions

I travel to your retreat or destination and provide Intuitive Coaching Sessions for people during their stay. Our sessions take place on site at locations like resorts, private retreats, and lodges. Destination Coaching will give your attendees a practical, spiritual and valuable coaching experience to help them reach their goals, experience breakthroughs, and connect more deeply with their intuition and divine purpose.

Workshop Facilitator

Tools like Guided Journaling , Creating Business and Creation Vision Boards &  Intuitive self-care people bring Clarity and Intention to any new goal. I host Workshops and small group coaching both at our headquarters in NJ and also travel the globe to facilitate these workshops at your location or destination. I help people connect with their intuition and inner guidance system to make better business decisions, reignite inspiration, gain clarity and improve efficiency.

Heal SVT Naturally

SVT is when your heart goes into an accelerated rate and causes anxiety and the need to stop and re balance your heart rhythm. This non life threatening electric misfire is a result of depletion on four main levels, physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic. It is Laura’s personal health challenge and a specific topic that Laura coaches and speaks on. With over 70,000 readers, Laura Madrigano has the first and only on-line resource for people searching for natural ways to Heal SVT naturally. Private or Group Coaching and Large Group Speaking Engagements are available around this topic. Laura leads this field is organically ranked number one google for people that search for natural ways to heal SVT the last 5 years.

Experience a Private Coaching Session with Laura


Private one-on-one sessions during your day or week long retreat. Destination Coaching. This Special Intuitive Coaching Session is designed to give your attendees a chance to have one on one time with an Intuitive Life + Businesss Coach to help them achieve results in a targeted time. In a serene atmosphere, we get to spend 1-2 full hours together, diving into your deepest challenge or area of your life where you seek change, transition, insight and healing in a private, confidential setting. We will create inspired action steps, incorporate business balance and deepen self-nourishment to  gain a deeper connection with your own intuitive messages and inner wisdom. 


Speaking + Workshop Topics:

Each of these can be modified for your company’s or facilities goals.

Journaling as an Intuitive Listening Practice…

is an interactive workshop where Laura provides the benefits of Journaling/writing as a way to connect to your intuition and inner wisdom. Writing is a  FREE tool that can be easily used to help make better decisions, hear inner wisdom, gain clarity, create focus, and set intentions. Time to Journal with guided prompts will be facilitated during the last half hour of the presentation.

Improve Results in Business with Solid Self-Care Routines

Self-care is the foundation of living a healthy life with intentional business balance. I discuss the benefits of a solid morning self-care routine such as 10 minuted of writing, and how to set an intention for each day. I also cover brief self-care check-ins to incorporate into your day that take only a few minutes yet have lasting replenishing benefits. This discussion is modified for entrepreneurs or employees.

Hand out: How to take a few minutes throughout the day to replenish.

Preventing Health Issues with Business Balance

SVT is my personal health challenge and the first thing that happens to me when I am depleted and out of balance. The importance of self-care is a non-negotiable for me to be able to live the life I want to live and run my business in a way that thrives. In this discussion I share the importance of making time for health in our busy lives, and how symptoms are our friend and to be used a a barometer for self-care and business balance.

How to use your Health Challenge as a Blessing

 Drawing on my own accelerated heart issue, I help inspire others to use their health challenges as a blessing. How to listen to symptoms on a deeper level to make small changes in your life and business that will ultimately serve you in a more fulfilling way.

Self-Care for SVT

Natural Remedies for Accelerated heart Issues…SVT, Arrhythmia, etc. This presentation is for hospitals or health retreats with a Healthy Heart focus.

How to add Spiritual laws to your life and business to increase growth and profits

Spiritual Laws like the Law of attraction, Abundance and attaching a give back to your work, are all free and easy ways to drastically shift your business to be in alignment with the highest good for all involved. These laws help you achieve results and at an accelerated rate. They are the laws I use in my own business and life and a concrete way to help you elevate your business. This powerful presentation inspires people to layer these laws into existing business models.

Vision Board Workshop: A free manifestation tool

This interactive workshop is a Create your own Vision Board Workshop that not only introduces people to this powerful manifesting tool, but also allows people to create their own Board. This workshop requires tables and space for people to tear swipes from magazines and paste on boards.

Vision Journaling Workshop: How to design and use a vision journal to manifest what you want

A Vision Journal is just like a Vision Board, except smaller and more concise. Vision Journals will be described, shown and created in this fun interactive workshop

Create a Business Vision Binder

A Business Vision Binder is an entrepreneur’s dream tool. It is a book or binder that holds the vision for your business all all the details on how and why you o what you do. In this workshop, entrepreneurs will create or add to thier existing Business Book, and layer in sections on Intention, Offerings, Financial Goals, Visuals for what they want to create and more.

Work for the Universe: How to shift from entrepreneur to employee of the universe

This trademarked topic is Laura’s signature presentation. How to align your life and business with the Universe to allow perfect divine flow into your life. If you are not experiencing abundance, ease, flow, health, and joy, you will LOVE learning about how to shift from “entrepreneurial” thinking to learning about what is it like to have the greatest job on earth. “Work for the Universe” is Laura’s trademarked process of aligning your business with the universe to ensure success on every level.

If you are hosting a Wellness Retreat....

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