Sometimes we have it backwards. We think we need to wait for the “new opportunity” before we release the old one. We want to find the right new house before we are willing to sell the old one. We look for a new job while we still work at our old one…many times people even try to find new relationships before they end the one that isn’t working…

People do this for many many reasons….security, fear, comfort…

When aligning with spiritual laws, it’s actually the opposite that will bring you closer to what you really want.

For starters, staying in a bad situation while you dream of a new one is out of alignment with the Law of Attraction which states that like attracts like.  When you are miserable in a job, or circumstance you dislike, its very hard to attract that perfect new circumstance that we say we desire. This is why people feel stuck, or sometimes complain that the same thing keeps happening over and over again.

There are many times when the right move is to leap…without a net. To close one door before the other door opens. To do the thing we don’t want to do and are scared to do but know we have to do. When you take that risk, make that investment, go out on a limb, you are showing the universe that you are ready. And the Universe is watching…

ACTION STEPS rooted in TRUST that are ALIGNED with our purpose, vision or hearts desires is how we show the Universe what we really want, that we are ready for it, and that we have learned our lessons that we need to learn in order to get there.

Then, with a little time and patience (or sometimes immediately) the Universe shows up and repays us for our commitment and efforts. The Universe always rewards you.

So, before we can attract that new thing, or that new door can open, we need to focus on letting go.

I know that letting go is hard. Letting go hasn’t always been my forte…Here are some journaling prompts to help you if you can relate to this topic and need help letting go, taking that leap, stating that boundary, so that you can align more fully with what you desire.

  • What am I ready to let go of? 
  • What pattern, person or circumstance is no longer serving me?One Door Opens
  • What lessons have I learned from this situation? List them…
  • Is there any thing else that I need to learn before I feel ready to let go..
  • Have I created a clear vision journal for what I want next?
  • Do I have perfect clarity on my vision for my next job, house, relationship, goal, etc?
  • Have I spent time journaling about letting go?
  • Have I spent time journaling about the exact qualities that I want next and how I want to feel?
  • Have I practiced meditating on those feelings that I want to attract and feel and allowed myself to feel them right now?
  • Is there anything that I need to say or do in order to bring me closer to the closure that I need in my current circumstance?
  • Do I have childhood issues that keep me stuck or unable to let go?
  • How can I support myself more fully in letting go?
  • Can I wish the person or circumstance light and love and do affirmations to help myself release it?
  • Have I done affirmation journaling…such as, “I am ready to let go of what no longer serves me. I am willing to let go. Letting go is easy for me, I am ready for a new door to open in my life”,  etc. (Keep writing these out, create your own versions of these each day up to 10+)
  • Have I moved physical things around to help the energy of the situation fain movement? (Clear clutter!)
  • Have I prayed and asked the Universe to guide me?

 I hope that these journaling prompts help bring you closer to letting go, and helping that new door to open…

Let me know! I love to hear from you! What are you ready to let go of…list it below…


Love Laura,

Your Spiritual Life Coach

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