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Do you....


  • Want to improve your website and think about it all the time?
  • Want your site to reflect your whole unique self, your personality, energy and style?
  • Want to design offerings that feel completely aligned with how you actually want to spend your time and energy?
  • Want to make money while you sleep, ie: have some passive income strategies in place?
  • Want to feel proud of your work on every level…
  • Want to radiate your brand including how you dress and what colors you wear?
  • Want to travel, relax or spend time with your children and make your own schedule?

If that sounds like you...

then I have some good resources for you!

Create a Business Vision Binder - E-guide

I don’t know how I lived before I started using a Business Vision Binder. This binder is my template and tool to create, design, (and re-design) your entire business. A business Binder holds your intention, your brand messaging, your offerings, your inspiration, your clarity, planning and your magic. This e-guide, How to Create a Business Vision Binder, will walk you through each section, how to create it, what its purpose is, how to use it and how this book becomes a powerful clarity and manifesting tool that no entrepreneur should be without!

Coming soon early 2018.

How to Use Journaling to IGNITE your Business E-guide

Journaling is a powerful manifesting, spiritual tool that is free and can be used for so many important purposes. In this e-guide I teach you how to use journaling to ignite your business. There are guided journaling prompts for different categories of business growth that will help you as If you were working with me directly as your Spiritual Business Coach! This is a must read for every entrepreneur! A resource for you to use over and over again.

Coming soon! Early 2018

Nourishment for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs need a special type of nourishment. The days of overworking, putting yourself and your needs last, and not making enough money to live the life you dream of are just not congruent with what the Universe wants for you. This guide will help you create a foundation of self-care so that your business and your soul can thrive!

Coming soon! Early 2018

Spirituality, Self-care + a Streamlined Business

You and your business are one. You get it, you know it, and you love it. You want to feed your SOUL and GROW your business and you want it all.

The days of being a work alcoholic are behind you. BUT you still want to have a ridiculous, profitable, cool business that you love and allows you to travel, have all the luxuries you desire, and feed your purpose.

Allow me to introduce you to my Business Coaching Philosophy and the method that has changed the course of my life…becoming an Employee of the Universe.

I know, I know, we all worked like crazy to become self made entrepreneurs. The last thing you ever thought is that you would ever want to be an employee again.

BUT I HAVE A SECRET to share…Working for the Universe is not a job. Working for the Universe is the answer you have been searching for. It is the path to self-care, profitability, fulfillment, and everything else you DREAM of. And guess what?

THE UNIVERSE IS HIRING… I want to help you apply for your dream job! 

(The Universe is cheering!) xo

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When you WORK for the UNIVERSE you get to do cool things like wake up and journal!

Journaling is a nonnegotiable when you Work for the Universe. The Universe fully supports your desire to journal. It supports all of your self-care in fact. The Universe loves when you journal because it is one of the ways that the Universe can communicate with you.

Journaling helps you connect with your intuition, your hearts desires, your next best steps, and give life to ideas and dreams. Journaling is an essential part of being an Employee of the Universe! 

A “Spiritual LISTENING practice” is more than just journaling though. It is making room and space to LISTEN to your intuition every day which is essential when you are aligning your life with service.

I created a resource for you to help you connect with your intuition and its called SOUL Journaling. It  has my signature rhythmically paced guided journaling questions along with affirmations to help you connect with your own inner wisdom, honor your guidance system, and connect back to your SOUL messages that the Universe wants you to know!
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More about me...


At 26 years old, I started my own Fashion manufacturing business in the heart of NYC. I worked for over 10 years growing my brand and business and learned so much about business, branding, operations, sales, production, and…self-care. As the saying goes…if you can make it there….

Through the years, I have learned how to balance my Creative Passions, with Spiritual Laws that work mixed with the Self-care I need. That’s my formula for success.

You are your business!   

I know first hand about all the intricacies of running a big business, because I ran my own manufacturing company in NYC’s garment district for over 10 years. I know the personal demands, the impact it can have on your self-care and the stress that can lead to real sickness in your body.  I know about being a one woman operation and the growing pains of hiring people and running a 15 person team.

My years as a Designer + Creative Director, have helped me become a unique Spiritual Life Coach. My specialty is helping people FINE-TUNE + STREAMLINE their brand vision by studying their website, email marketing, messaging, graphics, offerings, colors and personal style and helping align that VISION with Spiritual laws and tools to launch you into a new level of success that many people don’t even realize is truly possible. 

My business coaching helps you integrate SPIRITUAL LAWS AND TOOLS with your personal life, self-care, values, vision, and goals. If you are missing something…and need that special combo of a designer and a Spiritual life coach to help you tie the thread that helps it all “come together” I would love to support you in the process.

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I am passionate about helping creative leaders translate their Vision, dreams, and business goals into tangible results.

I combine my years as a Creative Director and Image consultant with my practical and spiritual coaching style to help you elevate your messaging, branding, offerings, and vision so that you can align with your abundance and dreams!

I offer women 5  tips to elevate your website, image, offerings and brand as a part of the business coaching package consult.

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