Every Year I do a holiday show with my dear friend at her home in Westfield, New Jersey.

img_8975This is the time of year that I get to go back to my design roots and create one of a kind pieces that keep me busy for hours.

Funny how no matter how much I love coaching, I always find a different kind of joy from designing. As I design year after year, I realize that your skill set, whatever it may be,  never goes away. It’s ingrained, its part of the fabric of your life, your history, what makes you who you are…just like your first love. 

Pink and green is my favorite color combination, always has been, cant get away from it. This piece has a more vibrant version than I usually do…

This zip case is one of a kind,  made in pink velvet, lined in lime green velvet and layered with a large embroidered overlay that goes from front to back. I hand sew all the trim, my favorite pastime. img_8978I create zipper pull charms to match each piece individually. I’m obsessed with these new finishing touches. I cannot believe all the years I searched for the perfect zipper pull instead of just making my own. Amazing how something that once takes so much time, later becomes so easy…

What used to take you a lot of time, that you now do with ease? What is your skillset, that feels like home whenever you go back to it? What reminds you of your first love, that deep rich history of who you used to be? Who you still are…and how tiny drops of that energy is sprinkled into everything you do..

enjoy xo



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