Business Summer Mastermind-

Thurs August 4th 7:00 EST

This summer you are invited to join in on a new mastermind group. In this mastermind we will emphasize:

1. Increasing Profits: Raising prices, creating courses, expanding income streams, creating passive income, reducing unprofitable avenues

2. Using “Spiritual Tools to Grow your Business”– Using business tools like: Creating a powerful morning routine to set intentions, Using a Business Binder as a manifesting tool, Aligning your business with a master intention to help draw in abundance, Creating money affirmations

3. Setting Goals + Creating Timelines –Together we will discuss and create our master goals and timelines

4-Support + Accountability-A supportive, group who helps each other grow and be accountable.

5. -Self-care-Spending time on your business and socializing with other like minded women is a powerful way to feed your SOUL while you GROW your business. We will start each meeting with a grounding breathe work, essential oils, and setting intentions for the meetings.

6. Social Media-Helping each other pick a platform and grow it.

7- Streamline our Web Presence-Help each other create powerful, streamlined web presence.

8- MORE...we will add to this list after we meet and see what else is important to the group

If you want to feed your soul while you grow your business, then this mastermind is for you!

Mastermind Meeting is held in Fanwood NJ at my coaching office

Fee for this meeting is $5.00

Register and Pay HERE on my site or 

HERE on meetup

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