I am obsessed with clearing clutter lately. Why? Because I really think that it is the unspoken layer to being free to move forward in your life.

If you have done a lot of things to break a pattern, move through something painful, or find answers and you still don’t see progress, do noting else, but throw some stuff away!

Moving things around in your house, and moving them out of your life will do wonders for you. I cannot explain the “how”, if you need scientific proof, google feng shui. If you are willing to just take my word for it, then go grab some baggies and get tossing.

Don’t know where to start? Your garage! If its there, you probably inherited it or don’t really want it. Plus on a sunny day you can just open the door and make a pile. Don’t know what to do with it? Drag it to the curb. Trust me, someone will stop by and pick it up…and they will LOVE it. Yes, I was throwing away a side table, that I bought at a garage sale and pretended that I was going to refinish. Instead I just painted the front, not the legs or the underneath, it was a mess. One day after 4 years, I dragged it to the curb. Two lovely women came ¬†an hour later and asked if they could take it, saying that their daughter would love it. Are you kidding me? YES, TAKE IT AWAY! And, you even get to feel good that you made someone’s day!

If you dont want to just pile up all your junk at the curb and embarrass yourself in from of the neighbors, call the Vets to donate it to them. They come get it, you don’t need to do any work, but put it in the bags. And once again, you get a double sense of lightness and joy, one for clearing, and one for donating!

If you feel stuck on an item, ask yourself…If I were moving to my dream place of residence tomorrow, would I take this with me? I like to pretend that I am moving to Florida and I ask myself if I had to pay to bring this, would I pay to move it? If not, Au revoir!

Clutter is out. Less is More. So the next time you want something to change in your life and you’ve tried everything else, Drag something to the curb! xox Laura

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