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my story (2)Laura Madrigano, Mother, Designer, Writer, Spiritual Life + Business Coach, and Creator of Heal SVT Naturally, has had a bright and evolving path leading her to where she is today.

Starting out as a Fashion Designer in the heart of New York City, Laura quickly grew into a Creative Director and the founder of her own manufacturing business for over 10 years. Her collection was sold all over the world and worn by celebrities, media personalities and leading news journalists.

A health condition called, SVT, supra ventricular tachycardia, effected Laura in her 20’s and eventually helped Laura tend to some self-care and lifestyle changes that solidified her interest in integrating self-care with her business goals to generate the balance she needed to flourish.

Today Laura coaches people from all over the world on ways to feed your SOUL + GROW your business. Laura also helps people find take a holistic approach to heal SVT naturally, and coaches people worldwide on the subject.

Laura is the mother of 2 beautiful young boys, and still designs her one of a kind accessories collection in her very rare spare time! xo

Feed your soul...grow your business


Heal SVT Naturally

Laura’s own personal Health challange called SVT, lead her to create and author the well-know website www.HealSVTnaturally.com.  Heal SVT naturally is a powerful and leading resource to help people with supra ventricular tachycardia (SVT). Laura is a leader in bringing a Body Mind Spirit approach to healing and preventing SVT and coaches people from all over the world on the subject

Laura brings her Self-care for SVT approach to private clients, hospitals, wellness centers and cardiology departments. She also speaks internationally on the subject.

The Heal SVT naturally e-guide series is available for purchase on the www.healsvtnaturally.com website and she is launching a matching course in 2018.

Creative Director

The first half of Laura’s career was spent in Fashion. She was a Fashion Designer, Creative Director and then owned her own manufacturing company for 10 years in the heart of NYC’s fashion center. At 26 years old, the Laura Madrigano collection sold over 15 million dollars in sales and was shipped internationally to leading department and specialty stores.

In her spare time you can still find her in her home based design studio creating her one of a kind, vintage inspired, timeless accessories. To learn more about Laura’s fashion background or View her Laura Jean Couture Collection use the link below.

Qualifications + Degrees

  • Laura is a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology NYC, with an Associates Degree in Fashion Design, and The New School for Social Research NYC, with a Bachelors in Communication.
  • Board Certified Coach from the Life Purpose Institute 2011.
  • Completed the year long Hay House course, The Art of Extreme Self-care with Cheryl Richardson,
  • Is a  Certified Chakra Wisdom Healer from the Deborah King Institute 2015.
  • Competed “Nutrition for Optional Healing” at the Flexi-Food Academy
  • Integrative Nutritrion Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2017
  • In business development, Laura is a Marie Forleo Bschool graduate and did the Spotlight Course with Kris Carr, in 2014 + 2015.
  • The Writers Workshop with Reid Tracy



“Words can barely express the depth of insight and wisdom I have experienced as a result of working with Laura Madrigano as my life coach. She is a very gifted and inspiring person. Working with Laura has been life-changing. Beginning at a stressful point in my life journey, Laura helped me proceed beyond my expectations!”


“How can I put into words what Laura has meant for me?

I met her through a free summer book club she was hosting.
On the way out I noticed a flyer with few packages she offered and I thought “Wow, I could actually afford a life coach!”
I had been to therapists over the years but felt we were always rehashing what was “wrong”. I was coping with loss, feeling isolated, stuck, defeated– when alI I wanted was to forge forward in a positive, inspired way. That’s what working with Laura has done for me.
We do everything from visualizations that have helped me manifest friendships, to helping me map out a business idea I have been struggling to “launch”.
I leave her office feeling connected to my spirit and at the same time very grounded. My daughter even came to Laura’s recent Vision Board Event.
It may not all be in place yet, but I now have the courage to follow my inner voice.”

“”Last time I wrote, I mentioned that I was considering an ablation. I took all your advice and started drinking lots of water and going gluten free. In the meantime, the electrophysiologist postponed my appointment not once but twice. I took this as a sign not to go down this road. I’m so glad I opted not to have the ablation. I’m feeling great. I hardly ever get palpitations anymore and when I do get a flutter, I go straight for a big glass of water. I’ve even went back to yoga classes! I’ve only had one episode in the past month and I was able to break it on my own. I am so grateful that I found your website when I did. I was actually looking for information on ablations when I stumbled upon your website. Funny how the universe works:-). Thank you so much for all your valuable information!!”


“If you know that you’re meant to be doing something more purposeful and fulfilling with your life, but not sure what it is yet or how to get there, Laura is the perfect person to help. Her natural coaching ability to identify what’s holding you back, and her gift of lovingly pushing you forward is apparent during every meeting. Laura is a true motivator and can help steer you to fulfilling your true purpose in a spiritually connected way.”


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