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Trained at the Life Purpose Institute and in private practice for 5 years, I work with people from all over the world.

As a Board Certified Life Coach, Spiritual Life Coach, Designer, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I love to inspire and hep people heal and overcome what stops them and help them transform.

My specialities are healing, and growing your business.




Need SOULFUL guidance?

I will help you find your intuitive wisdom within.




Need SOULFUL guidance?

I will help you find your intuitive wisdom within.


Intuitive Sessions…

Just like you, I have several gifts that make me very unique.

I am a trained Creative Director and Designer. I spent years in NYC designing and running my own fashion manufacturing business. I have a “eye” for helping people streamline their vision, align the “inside” with the “outside” and re-design life and buisness in a way that feels more in sync with who you are and what you want today. I help people elevate all aspects of their vision including their image, branding, website, offerings, and personal style. I even still design a one of a kind collection of accessories that you can view here.

I am intuitive. I easily tap into your energy, and am quickly guided on how best to help you. I love to use self-care cards, and other helpful guidance tools in our sessions together.

I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. IIN, the biggest Health Coaching school in the world, where I earned my certification, used to be in the garment district in NYC.  I used to pass it on my way to work and dream of going there. Eating healthy and living a gluten-free, white sugar free lifestyle is a nonnegotiable piece of my own healing journey. I have a health issue called SVT and nutrition and self-care is the foundation for my prevention. Not only do I help people with SVT using this approach, but I help all of my clients develop healthy micro habits that are a necessary part of building a life you love and aligning with your service. The Universe needs you to feel energetic and clear to do your best work!

Work for the Universe

If you are doing “everything” you can think of and still don’t have what you want, I have a solution for you!

Grow your Business

Grow your business using universal laws, self-care and my spiritual secrets for successful entrepreneurs.


Self-care is the foundation for the quality of your life. Micro habits change everything. You can use self-care to achieve your goals.

Work with me from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to Skype and zoom, we can work together anytime anywhere.


Client LOVE


What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Words can barely express the depth of insight and wisdom I have experienced as a result of working with Laura Madrigano as my life coach. She is a very gifted and inspiring person. Working with Laura has been life-changing. Beginning at a stressful point in my life journey, Laura helped me proceed beyond my expectations!”



“I first came to see Laura because I wanted to be a writer, but I was blocked. Writing seems like a simple dream, right? All one has to do is put pen to paper. Well, for me, it ran much deeper than that. I couldn’t even look at the word ‘writer’ without having a panic attack. Laura has amazing intuition, and I didn’t have to say much before she was able to start gently unraveling the overwhelming fear which surrounded my true passion. I believe that Laura has a gift. And, it was with her guidance, that I was finally able to step into the role that had been waiting for me all along. After only a few sessions, I had published an article online and created a personal blog. Having this newfound courage to share my writing with others has changed my life in many wonderful ways. Since meeting Laura and getting real results, I’ve been recommending her services to everyone I know.”



“My experience with Laura Madrigano has been profound. Upon entering her office, I can feel the shift that I will undergo, and I know that I will leave an enlightened, more peaceful and happy person. After each meeting with her I feel inspired and open to the gifts that are offered to me in every day life, and I find that more of them are coming my way! Every session with Laura has been different, as she has been able to tailor her techniques and approaches according to my needs that day. I have always felt safe and comfortable speaking with Laura about anything in my life, as she has a way of putting me at ease and making me feel at home. I recommend Laura to ALL of my friends and family for any issue they are facing; be it financial issues, relationships, business, goal setting, clarity, joy, health, or any one of the endless topics one could want to improve. From the bottom of my heart, Laura: thank you for everything!”


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