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Using Self-care to grow your business may seem like an unusual idea. But Self-care is really the cornerstone for having an abundant, organized, profitable business that you love.

I help women grow their business using Spiritual Laws, Self-care, Aligning with the Universe, Creative Direction + Manifesting Tools.

Here are some things that I help with:

  • Telling you Spiritual Secrets that every Successful Entrepreneur needs to know!
  • Creative Direction to help Streamline your brand image, website & newsletter
  • Re-evaulating your offerings and pricing to reflect your value & increase your abundance
  • Layering in passive income streams
  • Growing your Instagram
  • Intuitive Business Planning
  • Making a Vision Book for your Business

At 26 years old, I started my own Fashion manufacturing business in the heart of NYC. I worked for over 10 years growing my brand and business and learned so much about business, branding, operations, sales, production, and…self-care. As the saying goes…if you can make it there….

Through the years, I have learned how to balance my Creative Passions, with Spiritual Laws that work mixed with the Self-care I need. That’s my formula for success. I have so many tools to help you GROW your business and I cannot wait to share them with you! xo

GROW your Business!


Business Coaching Package

You are your business!   

I absolutely LOVE and am obsessed with helping creative entrepreneurs grow their business. I think my love of business started when I was a little girl and would go to my Fathers car lot on Saturdays and play “office”.

Knowing that I would be my own business owner and work for myself was never even a second thought.

I started my own manufacturing business in the heart of the garment center when I was only 26 years old. I ran a 3000 square foot facility and designed, manufactured and shipped my collection all over the world.

I know first hand about all the intricacies involved with running a business and being a business owner. I know the personal demands, the impact it can have on your self-care and the stress of it all. I know about being a one woman operation and the growing pains of hiring people and running a 15 person team.

My specialty is helping people FINETUNE + STREAMLINE their website, email marketing, messaging, graphics, and personal style to reflect their VISION.  Spiritual Laws + self-care help make that process fun and easy!

YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS. My business coaching helps you integrate your personal life, self-care, values, vision, and goals while supporting your deep need for self-care, creativity and self-expression

Are you on the cusp, ready to cross a threshold? I would LOVE to help you! xo

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My Business Tools & Templates


These are the business tools that I cannot live without. If you are not using these for your business yet, I promise they will be life changing! I design creative tools and templates to apply to your existing business to achieve higher levels of self-nourishment and success.

Feed your SOUL… GROW yor business!


Create a Business Vision Binder

I don’t know how I lived before I started using a Business Vision Binder. This binder is my template and tool to create, design, and re-design your entire business. It holds your intention, your messaging, your offerings, your inspiration, your planning and your magic. I lead workshops on how to build a business vision binder and coming soon…the Virtual Workshop….stay tuned!!! Until then, check out this article below…

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I want to tell you a secret!

Learn the Spiritual Secrets that every Entrepreneur needs to know….

Spiritual Secrets for Successful entrepreneurs is a Video Workshop that will reveal the secrets that every entrepreneur needs to know to take grow their business to their DREAM level. If you are stuck in overwhelm, working around the clock, and teetering on the cusp of something bigger,these spiritual secrets apply to you!

Your life is about to get sooo much easier! The Universe is smiling!

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Are you ready to work for the universe?

My signature course…

“Work for the Universe” is a system of layering spiritual laws and tools into your existing business to align you with Universal Laws to GROW your business while you NOURISH your SOUL.

If you want to learn how to go from being an entrepreneur to an employee of the Universe, this life changing course is for you! (The Universe is cheering for you!)

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Business Articles by Laura

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