Self-care Routines

feed your SOUL


Elevate your Self-care



Self-care is the cornerstone for designing a life you love. It is the foundation for the QUALITY of your life and business.

I design Self-care tools to help people with personal growth, healing and business advancement.

Self-care can help you:

  • Enjoy morning rituals that leave you centered and clear
  • Listen to your intuition
  • Create a Spiritual Listening Practice
  • Manage self-saboting habits
  • Ignite your Intuition
  • Use Journaling and Vision Boards to manifest
  • Listen to your heart
  • Apply self-care to your calendar and planning
  • Use Guided Journaling for decision making
  • Reduce and prevent health issues…like SVT, and many others
  • Heal Emotional Eating
  • Improve your diet

Self-care + Journaling

my favorite combination


Journaling is one of my favorite forms of self-care. It’s simple, always available, and brings us the answers we crave. I have created a FREE tool for you to use as my gift for you when you sign up for my emails. It’s called SOUL journaling.

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Guided writing prompts to help you connect with your soul. 

If you want to have a deeper connection with your intuition, this guide will help you hear the messages that your soul wants you to know!

“A Spiritual LISTENING practice” is so important when you are elevating your self-care and trying to connect more deeply with your intuition. This guide has special journaling questions & affirmations help you connect with your inner wisdom, honor your guidance system and feed your SOUL!

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Heal + Grow through Journaling

I wrote these guided journaling workbooks for you!

Journaling is my lifelong friend. It is my first go to tool when I need to connect, heal, grow, change, make a decision, get entered, and find answers.

I write guided journaling questions for all of my coaching clients. Through the years, I have lead journaling classes, written guided prompts and now I have created a series of guided journaling downloads with different topics to help you in several areas of life.

The beautiful about these guided workbooks is that they are like having your own private coach sitting next you. Each questions is timed in a gentle yet probing way to help you gain the wisdom and answers you crave. Browse them on my journaling page. I hope they help you as much as they have helped me and so many others! xo

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Intuitive sessions with Laura


Need SOULFUL guidance?

I offer 1-on-1 intuitive coaching sessions held via skype 

Sometimes we need to talk things through. Sometimes you need help re-connecting with your self-care. As a Board Certified Spiritual Life Coach,  I can help you find your intuitive wisdom from within. In a healing atmosphere, we get to spend 60 minutes together, diving into your deepest challenge or area of your life where you seek change, transition, insight and healing in a private, confidential setting. We will create inspired action steps, incorporate business balance and deepen self-nourishment to  gain a deeper connection with your own intuitive messages and inner wisdom.

Work with me from anywhere in the world. An Intuitive Coaching Session with Laura is one hour session where we can focus in on area area of your life, business or health that needs love and attention. This session (and all of my sessions) can be done via video skype or zoom or in person in my coaching office in Fanwood NJ.

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Courses to help you connect with your Intuition...


7 Days to Ignite your Intuition

7 days of simple ways to connect more deeply to your inner knowing. 

This 7 day course is an easy, inspirational course delivered to you daily via email. Each day you will be inspired to practice mini exercises to help you connect more deeply to your intuition by layering in specific listening practices, exercises and journaling.


I want to tell you a secret!

Learn the Spiritual Secrets that every Entrepreneur needs to know….

Spiritual Secrets for Successful entrepreneurs is a Video Workshop that will reveal the secrets that every entrepreneur needs to know to take grow their business to their DREAM level. If you are stuck in overwhelm, working around the clock, and teetering on the cusp of something bigger,these spiritual secrets apply to you!

Your life is about to get sooo much easier! The Universe is smiling!

Coming Soon, Learn more

Articles to help you SELF-CARE…

Soul Journaling

I I have been working on a GIFT for all my new subscribers, called SOUL JOURNALING, guided prompts to help you hear your soul. If you love feeding your SOUL, I think that you will like it! The guide discusses creating “A Spiritual LISTENING practice” which...

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