Feed your Soul


It feels so good...

to feed your own SOUL

Self-care is the cornerstone for feeding your soul. It is also the foundation for the QUALITY of your life and business.

I design Self-care tools to help people with personal growth, healing and business advancement.

View some of my tools below to help you:

  • Listen to your Heart
  • Ignite your Intuition
  • Create a Clear Vision
  • Enjoy morning rituals that leave you centered and clear
  • Create a Spiritual Listening Practice
  • Manage self-saboting habits
  • Use Journaling and Vision Boards to manifest
  • Use Guided Journaling for decision making
  • Reduce and prevent health issues…like SVT, and many others
  • Heal Emotional Eating
  • Create clear + profitable business offerings that are aligned with your worth
  • Elevate your Brand
  • Put your SOUL into your Business

Tools to Feed your Soul


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Intuitive Coaching with LAura

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Listen to your Heart

Your heart is talking to every day, when we dont listen or cant hear it, the messages get louder and louder…

This e-guide gives you practical and spiritual eays to connect with your HEART TRUTH…xox

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Clarify your Vision

Your Vision leads the way to everything…Use this e-guide to make it clear and strong. Creating and aligning with your Vision is the first step in the manifestation process. Make sure you know what you want, have a clear mission, and get clear on your WHY. This e-guide gives you journaling prompts, helps you clarify, and will lead you through the steps to creating your magic wand Vision of your dreams! xo

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Get my FREE Soul Journaling guide...

This guide has special journaling questions & affirmations help you connect with your inner wisdom, honor your guidance system and feed your SOUL!

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Angel Card Wisdom Reading

I draw on my angel cards when I want to invite in extra divine wisdom and direction.If you would like to spiritual coaching session with an angel card reading for deeper awareness and guidance, I offer a 45 minute intuitive coaching session.


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Website Review

Sometimes we need a fresh perspective. If you want someone with a trained design eye to review your website from a business, spiritual, energetic, and law of attraction perspective I would love to help you!

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Upcoming Courses…

Website Review

7 days of simple ways to connect more deeply to your inner knowing. 

This 7 day course is an easy, inspirational course delivered to you daily via email. Each day you will be inspired to practice mini exercises to help you connect more deeply to your intuition by layering in specific listening practices, exercises and journaling.


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Learn the Spiritual Secrets that every Entrepreneur needs to know….

Spiritual Secrets for Successful entrepreneurs is a Video Workshop that will reveal the secrets that every entrepreneur needs to know to take grow their business to their DREAM level. If you are stuck in overwhelm, working around the clock, and teetering on the cusp of something bigger,these spiritual secrets apply to you!

Your life is about to get sooo much easier! The Universe is smiling!

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Self-care Articles

Saying Goodbye from a place of Calm + Closure

I am saying goodbye to something important to me today. On July 3, 2012, I created a Journaling and Self-care meetup on Meetup.com. This step was the very first step that I took after completing my Spiritual Life Coaching Certification from the Life Purpose Institute....

Defining your Sacred Values

This is such a time of change, letting go and redefining. In order to claim what we desire we need to first make space for it. We make space by cutting the cords to what has served its purpose and what we no longer need. We need to let go of things and thoughts that...

What changes are calling?

Change is calling. In numerology this year is a “1” year.  What you do now is planting the seeds and setting the tone for the next 9 years. If there was ever a time to listen to your calling, its now. Doing the busy work of planting is essential to set the...

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