Creative Direction

If you own your own business, you may not realize it, but you are also the CREATIVE DIRECTOR of your company.

 The creative director’s role is to hold the VISION for her company.

She guides the ship, decides the course, and creates the core values that the company stands for.

A Creative Director must continually nurture her Vision generating new ideas, making changes to her existing one, and being forward in her thinking. She must do this, while also executing the manifestations of her existing vision.

As a Creative Business Owner, Im sure you understand this delicate balancing act. I offer tools and support to help you with this process.



Before I became a Spiritual Life + Business Coach, I was a Creative Director & Fashion Designer in the heart of New York City.

I spent years designing, merchandising, directing, elevating people’s image, and running my own manufacturing business. So much of what I do today is based on those years of experience and building and growing my business. My passion for design and my visual gifts are a huge part of my coaching style and service today.

Many of the people I coach are Creative entrepreneurs and leaders, just like me. I understand the balance that Designers and Creatives need to feed their SOUL + GROW their business. I bring a unique blend of experience to my clients; my trained design eye, my love of business, and passion for spirituality and self-care.

Today, I still design in my sleep. I make one of a kind accessories in between being a mom, writing, coaching, and practicing my self-care. Browse my collection below and on my Shop page.


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Coaching Services for Creatives


Are you a designer that is on the cusp of success like I was?

Are you on the cusp of success? Are you a talented creative who is so close to achieving your dreams but feels burnt out, or depleted?

As a Designer and Creative Director in NYC for over 15 years, I know how passionate you can be about work but feel imbalanced creatively, nutritionally, spiritually, socially, and emotionally.

Creatives need a special kind of care, and only another creative can really understand this.

I help creative leaders Feed their SOUL and GROW their business. This is a delicate and necessary process when you are striving for success. I wish that I could have had the kind of business and self care support that I offer now when I was in the height of my design career.  I support designers with burn-out, depletion, raising prices, streamlining their brand, and elevating their brand vision.

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Along with that important role, as you build your business and your life, you also need to start from a clear, healed and strong place. If you have old issues, money blocks, or default energetic patterns that haven’t been cleared, those will get in your way, trust me, I’ve been there!

As a Creative Director and Spiritual Business Coach, I bring a unique blend of experience and guidance to my coaching. I help in creative leaders in BOTH of these important areas.

I help streamline and refine your creative vision, while also giving you spiritual tools, self-nourishment skills, a spiritual listening practice, and attention to your unique sacred wounds to all help to give you a rock solid, foundation, and the best possible chance for success.

I coach, support and empower entrepreneurs with tools to LAUNCH you into your future. I empower you with Universal Laws that work and a strong, intuitive self-care foundation. This is the winning combination to live a truly blessed and RICH life!


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About The Laura Madrigano Collection


Most of you know me from my years as a Creative Director + Fashion Designer. I worked in NYC’s fashion industry where I ran my fashion manufacturing company called Laura Madrigano Inc. I designed suits, dresses and accessories and sold them all over the world. In the height of my career, I shipped over 15 million dollars per year from the Laura Madrigano Brand.

Building a Collection, Company and Vision is my passion and Design is my skilset. I studied at The Fashion Institute of Technology and The New School for Social Research. I built my foundation, company and all my manufacturing in the city I loved, New York!

I worked my way up from Assistant Designer to Creative Director in less than 4 years. I sketched, sourced fabric and trim, traveled to Premiere Vision in Paris, shopped the stores in London, Milan and even dined in St. Tropez among the likes of our beloved Princess Diana.

I worked hard and enjoyed the rewards of living a luxurious life as a designer in NYC….but like many, I craved growth and dreamed of running my own business.  When I was 26, I did just that, and what a feat it was. I launched my own manufacturing company and ran it for over 10+ years. (By the way, this was before facebook, email marketing, and even digital pictures). Imagine launching anything before technology was your partner.

All the while, on a deeper soul level, one that I was used to ignoring, I craved a more balanced existence. At the time, I thought what I craved was more…more money to make my life easier…more massages to help ease my migraines, more assistants so that I could spend more time in my creativity, and more sales so that I could grow in the way my soul craved. All that “more”…eventually guided me to less, and my life took new direction when I fell in love with a farmer…(yes NYC girl falls in love with a farmer).

Today, my less is more approach has helped me to fuse together my design talent with my Spiritual Coaching tools and now I help other Creative Leaders weave their success with a spiritual platform to help them evolve their careers. This page is a bit about my history, and my current collection, Laura Jean Couture, which I design as my favorite pass-time ( in between playing with my two beautiful boys and helping Entrepreneurs change the world!)

xox Laura Madrigano