This is such a time of change, letting go and redefining. In order to claim what we desire we need to first make space for it. We make space by cutting the cords to what has served its purpose and what we no longer need. We need to let go of things and thoughts that are taking up precious space. After all, there are only so many hours in the day. With work, children, self-care, healthy eating and exercise, you really need to be selective when deciding what you choose to keep on your “plate”.

I have a process to help you make these important distinctions. It’s called defining your Sacred Values. A Sacred Value is something that you value beyond anything else. It represents your SOUL’s voice, calling, passion and truth. They help you connect with things that you want to devote yourself to, practice, leave on as your legacy, and embrace.

I invite you to take time to think about your own Sacred Values. Is it time to Define or Refine them?

On April 21st, 2017 at 12 noon EDT, I will be hosting a Virtual Retreat to help you (and me) do just that.

What is a Sacred Value?

What are your Sacred Values?

How will defining my Sacred Values Help me? How will it help my business?

Does your life match and reflect your Sacred Values?

What shifts can you make to get into Alignment?

What new action steps will help you live life on a daily basis in alignment with your Sacred Values?

How does it FEEL to live life in alignment with Sacred Values?

Will this help my health? Will this help my abundance? Will this help my love life? YES!!!!

What is a Virtual Retreat? A Virtual Retreat is my new way of hosting intimate healing circles. It is sacred time that we carve out to devote to exploring topics to help propel our personal and professional growth.

The Virtual Retreat will be held on line in my video conferencing platform called zoom. The Virtual Retreat will be 90 minutes long with plenty of spacious time for guided journaling, reflection, self-care card wisdom and Q+A. Zoom is free for you to use and the cost for me to host is included in the Virtual Retreat price of $25.00. If you miss the live retreat, a recording will be emailed to you afterwards.

The retreat will begin with a grounding ritual. Bring your journal.

Register HERE

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