Clarity about what direction to follow in life, what the clear next steps are that you should take, what career path to focus on…can be…confusing.

Tuning into your inner guidance system is the greatest resource we have, and one of the most trusted ways to get clear info on your best next steps.  Your inner guidance will NEVER steer you wrong.
This month’s theme is about helping you find clarity…and I would like to share two ways to help us get crystal clear on our future vision.
The first way is to create a Vision Board…If you were one of the amazing members who just came to our vision board workshop…well, you are know how guiding it can be. One of the best ways to get clear is to sit down and create a Vision Board at home! Here’s what you need:
  • A poster board, (or journal)…any size…foam core, regular poster board, any color
  • Magazines to sort through
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks

The best way to start is just to begin leafing through magazines and tear out whatever speaks to you…even if you think you want to create a board around “health”…you may find yourself pulling every picture that relates to travel…like warm beaches, sand, waterfalls…This is your inner voice telling you that the best way to create health is to include water, a vacation, view of the ocean into your life…that those elements are what your soul needs to be healthier, remain healthy, regain health etc… The important thing, is to remember that even JUST THE IMAGES of those things that you look at daily will help promote the same feelings you would get as if you were actually there! So don’t worry if you don’t actually have the money to jet off….just get creative and let yourself dream!

After you gather a nice pile of images, start cutting out the words and pictures that you love…then just organize them however you want to on your board or inside your journal…I like to choose an image or slogan for the center of my board that is the main feeling or event I want to capture and manifest for 2014.

Hang your board anywhere in your house that you feel comfortable…one idea from someone in our workshop is to hang it in the bathroom!

Every time you look at your board, it will evoke the feelings “as if”….as if you are on that Island, relaxing, drinking that green juice, doing yoga, meditating (whatever you put on your board).  The feelings that you imagine you would receive from doing what’s on your board,  are energetically drawn to you and being ignited..both of which are powerful ways to align yourself with those actual things and draw them into your life!

My second favorite way to get super crystal clear about something is to JOURNAL about it…here are some journaling questions that I created for you to ask yourself:

  • What does my soul want to feel MORE of in 2014?
  • What does my soul want to feel LESS of in 2014
  • Is there something my intuition has been trying to tell me that I have been ignoring?
  • If I gave my soul a voice what would it tell me?
  • What do I need?
  • What do I want?
  • What can I do to soothe myself? Now? This year?
  • What do I want to create this year?
  • What should I spend my energy on this year?
  • What is my message or gift to bring to the world in 2014?

Making time to journal is my favorite way to listen to your inner voice….Enjoy writing, and creating this month, let your inner voice guide you and have fun gaining clarity around the things that matter most! What are some of your favorite ways to gain clarity about something? Comment and share below! xoxoxo Laur

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