Feed Your Soul

Place Holder   Self-care, Soul Work, Healing sacred wounds, Listening to your heart, getting CLARITY on your Vision are all a part of feeding your soul and the foundation for your life and work. If you need support and clarity I provide both practical and... read more

Self-care for your Business

If you are a self employed creative business owner then you want to be proactive about self-care for your business just like you are for yourself. Here are some ideas: Schedule in an afternoon to work on your business vision board, create a brand image page and define... read more

Waiting for a New Door to Open

In order to be ready to walk through a new door, sometimes we have to close a few doors first. Letting go used to be so hard for me. Now that I know how Universal Laws work, I know that I have do do the work before new opportunities appear. What doors in your life are... read more

My Design Studio

Changing up and cleaning up my design studio feels so good. I’m also moving in a new direction with my designs. I really want to focus this year on a couture wedding collection. I will be doing one of a kind vintage recreation and inspired clutches for the... read more

Green Smoothie Bowl

Fast, easy, nutritious food is a must when you are a busy mom and small business owner. Smoothie bowls are great…here’s why. 1. When you make a smoothie, you can easily make extra. 2. Easy to save some in a mason jar with a lid for the next day. 3. Pour... read more

Small Business Tips: Keep Blog posts short

You are just as busy as everyone else. You are checking your social media, obsessed with Instagram and have signed up for way too many emails that you definitely don’t have time to read.  If you are an entrepreneur that is emailing your client base, I want to... read more

Saying Goodbye from a place of Calm + Closure

I am saying goodbye to something important to me today. On July 3, 2012, I created a Journaling and Self-care meetup on This step was the very first step that I took after completing my Spiritual Life Coaching Certification from the Life Purpose Institute.... read more

Defining your Sacred Values

This is such a time of change, letting go and redefining. In order to claim what we desire we need to first make space for it. We make space by cutting the cords to what has served its purpose and what we no longer need. We need to let go of things and thoughts that... read more

A Heart Wide Open

A Heart Wide Open… I love this. Most of us dont always live with our heart wide open. But today I will. Will you? Will you be my Valentine? enjoy xo Laura... read more

My favorite spiritual tool is journaling…

Jouranling is my favorite healing companion tool that I use in all of my coaching work. It is also my “go to” spiritual and self-care tool that I use in my personal life. My love of journaling has been lifelong and the benefits are countless. Journaling is... read more

What changes are calling?

Change is calling. In numerology this year is a “1” year.  What you do now is planting the seeds and setting the tone for the next 9 years. If there was ever a time to listen to your calling, its now. Doing the busy work of planting is essential to set the... read more

Lentil Salad

Yesterday I made a batch of lentil soup, and today I had the leftovers over a salad. My recipes are easy, fast, gluten free, dairy free, and white sugar free. To make the soup: 1.5 cups of baby lentils 4 organic carrots 1 small onion 2 cloves of garlic Seasonings In a... read more

Green Smoothie

One of my new favorite smoothies! So easy to make! 2 Frozen Bananas (peel before you freeze) 1 Regular peeled banana 2 cups frozen washed baby spinach 1 tablespoon mediclear plus protein poweder by thorne (optional) 1 teaspoon honey aprox 1 cup organic rice milk... read more

2 Bean Hummus

I make variations of bean dip weekly for myself and my kids. This is a staple food in my kitchen. Today I tried a little twist that I got from my office mate and health coach, Sharon Goldner. Not sure if I made it exactly like her, but not to worry, because the... read more

Soul Journaling

I I have been working on a GIFT for all my new subscribers, called SOUL JOURNALING, guided prompts to help you hear your soul. If you love feeding your SOUL, I think that you will like it! The guide discusses creating “A Spiritual LISTENING practice” which... read more

Feed Your SOUL GROW your Business Mastermind

Business Summer Mastermind- Thurs August 4th 7:00 EST This summer you are invited to join in on a new mastermind group. In this mastermind we will emphasize: 1. Increasing Profits: Raising prices, creating courses, expanding income streams, creating passive income,... read more

Upcoming Local Class Build a Vision Binder

Create a Business Vision Binder: your tool for manifesting + success May 15th 10am If you are a small business owner and want a powerful tool to manifest success, then you will love this workshop! Create a Business Vision Binder A Business Vision Binder is a Binder... read more

Vision Journaling Class

A Vision Journal is a beautiful and  powerful manifestation tool to help you attract what you want in your life. Vision Journaling is a style of journaling similar to collaging that includes adding pictures, quotes, and meaningful visuals along with personal writing... read more

How my fast heart helped me slowly find my life purpose

Your Accelerate heart has a Message for you… I was 28 years old working as a fashion Design in NYC when I had my first SVT. I opened my own manufacturing business, was depleting my bank accounts faster than you could say “garment center”, and the stress I wasunder was... read more

The Best Habit to Heal Frustration

Frustration: the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something. Do you feel frustrated? Are you in a never ending state of pushing yourself, emptying your bucket, with no time to yourself to replenish and recharge?... read more

Intuitive Business Planning

Thursday December 17th 2015 630-8pm For the Spiritually Inclined Entrepreneur!  If you want to infuse your business with soul in 2016, this meeting is for you! In this meeting we will: • Create, Discuss, and Plan out our Business Goals for 2016 • Define our Spiritual... read more

Questions to Ask if you are Hiring a Life Coach

Looking for a Life Coach? There are a TON out there these days, especially with B-school teaching everyone on earth how to market their business, build a platform and launch their website. Here are a few tips to help you find a qualified professional that is worth the... read more

Get Prepared for your dream job!

Waiting for your Life Purpose to reveal itself, can be…fustrating! discouraging!, unpromising even… I have a plan to help you stay busy while you are “in waiting” and propel you (& align you) with it while you are waiting for the big reveal! Its called…Getting... read more

Emotional Layers to Your Accelerated Heart

My favorite author and Spiritual teacher Louise Hay believes that all disease first stems from emotional dis-ease within the body. Through the years, I often refer to her book, “Heal your Body” whenever I have an ailment. I like to review her book to find the thought... read more