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Small Business Tips: Keep Blog posts short

As people get busier and busier, and attention spans spread thin, I have 3 tips for you to engage your readers if you are still using email communication and marketing (which I do advise you keep up with). 1. Keep your emails SHORT. No one has time to read long...

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Questions to Ask if you are Hiring a Life Coach

Hiring a Coach is no doubt an INVESTMENT in your personal and business growth. Here are a few tips to help you find a qualified professional that is worth the money. First and so glaringly obvious we almost forget to ask. Are they actually a certified coach? And even...

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Are you PREPARED for your DREAMS?

Waiting for your Life Purpose to reveal itself or a GOAL to MANIFEST can be…frustrating! discouraging!, unpromising even… I have a plan to help you focus your energy in the RIGHT place while you are waiting for your dreams to become a reality. Instead of simply...

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Journaling & Vision Boards Articles

How to make a Vision Board

When we feel confused, stuck and unsure, uninspired, unclear, burnt out, and unmotivated one of the greatest tools we have to help ourselves find clarity and motivation, is to create a VISION BOARD. A Vision Board is a clarity +manifesting tool. It's magic is twofold:...

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Guided Journaling: Clarify Your Priorities

A Priority “a thing that is regarded as more important than another.” If you find yourself feeling frustrated about not having enough time in the day to do what YOU want to do...then this quick journaling exercise may help you to rethink the things that are consuming...

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Guided Journaling: Letting go & Opening a New Door

Sometimes we have it backwards. We think we need to wait for the "new opportunity" before we release the old one. We want to find the right new house before we are willing to sell the old one. We look for a new job while we still work at our old one...many times...

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Intuition & Spiritual Laws Articles

How my fast heart helped me slowly find my life purpose

Your Accelerate heart has a Message for you… I was 28 years old working as a fashion Design in NYC when I had my first SVT. I opened my own manufacturing business, was depleting my bank accounts faster than you could say “garment center”, and the stress I wasunder was...

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Spiritual Laws

  “You see, the spiritual law is that we receive according to what we give.... So if you feel that you are giving more than you are receiving, you’re either giving less than you think you are, or receiving more than you think you are. Either way, to receive more, you...

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Creative Direction Articles

Creating a STREAMLINED Website Presence

"Streamlined" is a fashion industry term to see if the designer was successful in creating a cohesive collection. As creative entrepreneurs it can be hard to create a "streamlined" presence but doing so starts with a. few key points that I learned in my early years as...

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Fashion Articles

Charming Vintage Treasures

I LOVE to estate Sale Shop...I sell all the pieces that I buy and never use for my accessories collection on my sister etsy shop called Farm Charm. This little gem can be worn as a pin or a pendant Shop it on my Etsy Shop HERE Stunning shades of topaz, bronze and...

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Pearl Collar Top

Lace collar tops are the epitome of feminine girly fashion. This delicate blush pink top has a double layer collar The under layer is lace... The top layer is also lace more tightly woven topped with sequins and hand sewn pearls in shades of blush pink. the body...

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Vintage Wedding Clutch

Vintage Re-make Wedding Clutch From a gorgeous estate sale closet... a peek inside.. New Rhinestone appliqué with white chiffon flower petals. Comes with a white floral drawstring dustbag for storage and safe keeping. Shop this on my ETSY SHOP...

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Farm Charm Couture

Farm Charm Couture is my one of a kind collection of clothing and accessories. Many of my pieces are made from vintage and estate sale treasures, revampe into timeless classic pieces that help you create a signature style. Browse my shop page to see if there is...

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Rustic Wedding Tote Basket

I've always loved a country wedding. This white and tan wedding basket tote is large, round and rustic chic. When I get married, Im bringing this...   Rhinestone Applique Patch at Center Front can be used as a wedding photography prop   Shop This Rustic Wedding Tote...

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Classes & Offerings Articles

Upcoming Local Class Build a Vision Binder

Create a Business Vision Binder: your tool for manifesting + success May 15th 10am If you are a small business owner and want a powerful tool to manifest success, then you will love this workshop! Create a Business Vision Binder A Business Vision Binder is a Binder...

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Vision Journaling Class

A Vision Journal is a beautiful and  powerful manifestation tool to help you attract what you want in your life. Vision Journaling is a style of journaling similar to collaging that includes adding pictures, quotes, and meaningful visuals along with personal writing...

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Intuitive Business Planning

Thursday December 17th 2015 630-8pm For the Spiritually Inclined Entrepreneur!  If you want to infuse your business with soul in 2016, this meeting is for you! In this meeting we will: • Create, Discuss, and Plan out our Business Goals for 2016 • Define our Spiritual...

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CHAKRAS  are your invisible energy centers that are fueled by your emotions. Becoming aware of their essence and power can help you to protect your energy, speak your truth, live your life purpose, create clear boundaries, ground to mother earth, and connect with...

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Vision Board-Dreaming Big With Feelings

Over the last 2 years I have been pregnant, had a baby, been utterly sleep deprived, took b-school and completely rebuilt my websites from the ground up. I also took a Legal Love e-course, a Chakra Wisdom healing course, the Writers Workshop, and a few other things in...

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Self-Healing Articles (Feed Your SOUL)

Saying Goodbye from a place of Calm + Closure

I am saying goodbye to something important to me today. On July 3, 2012, I created a "Journaling and Self-care" meetup group on This step was the very first step that I took after completing my Spiritual Life Coaching Certification from the Life Purpose...

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What is a default energetic pattern?

What is a default energetic pattern?  One of the most common and unrecognizable issues that we all face is identifying what I call our "Default energetic patterns." Default Energetic patterns are energetic behavioral patterns that we play out over and over again in...

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