I was 26 working as a Designer in NYC when I had my first SVT (supra ventricular tachycardia). What started as a nuisance, turned out to be my

…blessing in disguise…

Symptoms and dis-ease have a deep message for us. My SVT helped me clear out what wasn’t working for my body, not just nutritionally but emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

Today., I help people with SVT use an INTEGRATIVE approach to invite healing.

You can’t accomplish your goals when you are not feeling well. My SVT Coaching is designed to support you through all the phases of Healing SVT Naturally.


We all have health challenges...

SVT is mine

Are you listening to your heart?

Connect back to your heart messages with these tools…


Guided Journaling

Vision Board Creation

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Heal SVT Naturally

If you have SVT, you must visit my website called www.HealSVTnaturally.com

Learn how to Align with the Greatest Employer on Earth

Using Spiritual Laws to grow your business and insure Success

Self-care, Love + Healing for your Heart

Helping people listen to their heart messages and find natural approaches for Accelerated heart Issues.

Your heart is speaking to you every day. When we don’t listen or can’t hear it, it tries harder to get our attention.

I help people with SVT from all over the world use the same process that helped me to listen to my heart, change the direction of my health and heal my SVT naturally.

Visit my www.HealSVTnaturally.com website for:

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Your Accelerate heart has a Message for you… I was 28 years old working as a fashion Design in NYC when I had my first SVT. I opened my own manufacturing business, was depleting my bank accounts faster than you could say “garment center”, and the stress I wasunder was...

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If you are suffering with SVT

then I wrote this for you!

My TOP TEN TIPS to HEAL SVT naturally…

is my FREE 13 page e-guide that will start you on the path to taking a body-Mind-Spirit approach to your supra ventricular tachyycardia

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“Hi. I am a medical resident specializing in cardiology…. I have always been lactose intolerant and after reading the blog will try to be on a gluten free diet.”

“Last time I wrote, I mentioned that I was considering an ablation. I took all your advice and started drinking lots of water and going gluten free. In the meantime, the electrophysiologist postponed my appointment not once but twice. I took this as a sign not to go down this road. I’m so glad I opted not to have the ablation. I’m feeling great. I hardly ever get palpitations anymore and when I do get a flutter, I go straight for a big glass of water. I’ve even went back to yoga classes! I’ve only had one episode in the past month and I was able to break it on my own. I am so grateful that I found your website when I did. I was actually looking for information on ablations when I stumbled upon your website. Funny how the universe works:-). Thank you so much for all your valuable information!!”

“Thanks so much for your blog, and giving me the nudge I need to clean up my life, and get healthy again.”

“I cried when I found your site. I have just been diagnosed with SVT after having an episode after a shift at the hospital. I am a midwifery student and I have been freaking out that I will have to drop out as the pressure and stress are so high in my degree course. Having read your blogs, I now feel there is hope for me to control my symptoms naturally”

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! YOU have changed my life and if it wasn’t for this blog and these ideas I would be under the knife right now getting this horrible ablation that is not a cure, but a band-aid covering up the real problem”

“Reading this blog has made me feel much more at peace”